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Sober Living House

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Ms.Tina, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Ms.Tina

    Ms.Tina Member

    hello this is my first post here but I'll keep it short sweet and to the point ! I am a 26 yo female. Have been an addict for about 10 years although I didn't hit the hard stuff until about the last 3. I am currently 4 and a half months clean off meth and have been living at a sober living house after completing three weeks at an inpatient detox facility. I am struggling right now because I pretty much only came to the sober living house due to the fact I had nowhere else to go. Well that just has changed as a friend of mine has offered to let me rent a room in his house for 250$ a month which is a great deal. However finding that out was extremely triggering for me... I feel like my resolve to stay sober is wavering because now I have a way out. I keep thinking about how amazing it feels to have the needle push it into your veins, the rush, the feeling of warmth flooding through your body. I was able to hold down my job through my addiction however lost pretty much everything else. Now that I'm clean I've gained 50 lbs and I keep telling myself that maybe I can just use for a little while until I lose the weight and then get off of it again... Iknow that's not what would actually happen. Clearly I am not ready to move out yet, I don't even have a car and there would be no way for me to get to work but the thought is extremely tempting I'm like I could get a job close to my friends house and go from there... My other cravings I've sucessfully been able to over come due to the fact that I refuse to be homeless again but now that that is not the case this is probably the worst craving and the most intense one I've had yet. Help!
  2. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I wonder , does your friend use?

    IMO It sounds like you are NOT ready to leave Sober Living , tho getting out is tempting , the weight can come off without dope but it's harder. Also IMO your cravings still seem VERY strong . & I think that you know yr not ready to face and deal with the world yet , & I agree that you TRULY know using for a short time will turn out Bad & likely worse than before u went to detox .

    Please stay strong & try to get your mind strait ( easy for me to say , I know ) but please Try your hardest for YOU.
    We do care .