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Sports and Addiction

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by BigTy, May 4, 2020.

  1. BigTy

    BigTy Member

    Hello there , I'm a 31 year old Male who is a ex professional football player and currently battling a cocaine addition. Along with other addictions I have able to beat over the years this drug I am currently trying to stop for good. I've been 6 years clean from oxycontin so I no I can do this but I am finding it hard dealing with this addiction along with severe depression and anxiety. I have always taken drugs for fun and to numb myself . I was the typical story of a pro athlete who got prescribed painkillers because of my numerous big surgeries I had over the years of playing football. Until they finally cut me off and I resorted to buying them . Which cost me my savings. At the age of 26 I became clean cold Turkey. A year after I started using cocaine for fun then within a year I was doing it everyday to numb myself in the head and for pain . For some reason I live everyday with so much regret of how much better I could have done for myself and my family with football. Eventually I lost all my money and I've had to start from scratch. My wife has put up with me for many years but this is basically my last chance to stop or I loose what I have left . Sports has provided me with so much but at the same time caused so much pain . My depression started in university while playing football. For years I was told to toughen up and given more and more pills . By the time I made it pro I was numbing myself so much everyday I could never function to my potential...again the REGRET kills me everyday!
  2. bismarc123

    bismarc123 Member

    What do you do in your free time? Because I'm a former gambling addict and can't find anything to do. I constantly think about gambling.
  3. mamaliga

    mamaliga Member

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  4. duremars

    duremars Member

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