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Still the media, always the media

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by sunflogun, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. sunflogun

    sunflogun Community Champion

    Just yesterday I was watching the Jon Stewart show on TV and he was talking with a celebrity about getting high in a supermarket and everyone laughed a lot and I was like, are they serious? It's still cool to be high? When will this stop?
  2. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    Doing drugs is sometimes part of being in the world of entertainment. Maybe because they have more access to them and more money to waste on these substances. Sometimes their actions in public are unacceptable and the problem is that some people think it's actually cool. Media should also be wary on these things because celebrities are idolized even if they are leading a bad example.
  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    John Stewart considers himself more of a comedian than a news anchor, and that's true to an extent. I'm not going to get up in arms about him making a joke about getting high. He's got a sense of humor, and the rest of us should, too. It's not setting a bad example for a comedian to make a joke about something. Things might be a little different if Brian Williams, or Lester Holt, or even Glenn Beck made a joke about marijuana.
  4. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I can see that the media and TV affects our generations thinking and behaviour. It can be just as dangerous as a misused and abused gun. Guns in general aren't bad, but some people abuse them and use them for murder. Same thing with TV and media, they can deliver a lot of messages to our youths and it can influence them mentally in the way they perceive the world, whether it's a lie or not. I hope that everyone reading this will take more caution into what their children see on TV or watch on their computer alone.
  5. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Definitely that is not a funny thing and should not be something that seems to be a normal thing to happen. These should not be allowed in the public and in the media. Specially kids are watching televisions that should always be guided against these type of shows.
  6. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think it can be a normal lifestyle for them and also,it can be not a good look as people may think it is the right way and also there is nothing wrong in doing this as well. Children can think, if the film stars or tv actors are doing it and also it can be good to do it as well. I also think, that it should be not shown on the Television and also it should not be something they should portray as normal as well for us to see.
  7. sunflogun

    sunflogun Community Champion

    The main issue with this is that the media creates role models, so the fact that it's cool to be on drugs is absurd! Where is the responsibility? It's not cool to be on drugs, it's dangerous and illegal and should not be allowed to have such behaviors on the TV.
  8. oraclemay

    oraclemay Community Champion

    I do agree with this, these behaviors should be restricted, especially when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Nothing associated with these is ever a joke. I think people who have never experienced any serious problems with addiction do not realize the seriousness of these actions. Someone ought to take them to task and make them realize these are serious issues.
  9. imperivm1

    imperivm1 Community Champion

    This just goes to show that my fears are becoming are reality. The media DOES promote drug use. I don't know why, I just know it's a fact. It's not just the media, the Internet and television too. I remember watching this song on YouTube a while back about some chick who had to stay "high all the time" and that video got at least a 100 million views and God knows how many likes. We cheer this behavior and I don't think this is setting a good example to the rising generation.
  10. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    Excellent perspective. Stewart is indeed a comedian and it's his job to poke fun at the darker side of life, particularly if it means getting a quick laugh at the expense of a celebrity.
  11. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Probably he just wanted to lighten things up. His intentions were just to make people laugh, not to offend them. But yeah, you've got a point. Sometimes, serious topics such as drugs/rape should never be subject matters for humor.
  12. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    If it's just pot then I understand. I think this type of humor is just reactionary to how it has been painted and propagandized in the past as being evil and brainwashing when in reality it's just as much of a threat as alcohol by which I mean it really isn't much of a threat as long as the person using it isn't abusing it.
  13. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I agree, they shouldn't be because it can affect certain people. Imagine someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, someone makes humorous suicidal comments in front of them, it's going to make it worse for sure.
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  14. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    It will never stop, because rich people have lots of money, and since they already have more than enough for their needs and wants, then they just spend it on drugs and they eventually get addicted to it. Unfortunately, I really don't think this will ever end, unless drugs suddenly become extinct.
  15. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Very true. That is why we should always be careful on what to say or post, specially on the media because we wouldn't know if we are already offending someone or whatnot.
  16. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    Yes, it's sad and it does exist out there in the world. But we can avoid it and not contribute to it.
  17. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    I think that you also have to look at the increasing trend of acceptance for people being "stoned" in public. There seems to be a growing number of people that see MJ as a harmless drug, or at least less harmful than drinking, which is not an argument for or against it, just an observation. With the growing idea that it's acceptable makes it more acceptable to joke and act nonchalant about it.
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  18. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    That's not something to be said on TV! We're the product of the society we live in, and if we value these principles to people, well... they will outrightly copycat our behavior.
    When are we going to understand that these people who have the information power at their sole discretion influence everyone around them?
  19. devinametallic

    devinametallic Active Contributor

    It'll always seem cool to get high to a group of people no matter what because teens will always be around. Seriously, after they grow up, the next set of teens will find out about it, rave to their friends, and etc.
  20. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    I think that it's important that parents talk to kids. You see that it's "cool" in other places and they need to be talked to and explained that what we see on TV and in the media isn't exactly "real life" most of the time.