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Suboxone and Taper Advice

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by kellabella83, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. kellabella83

    kellabella83 Member

    I've been taking suboxne for a few years in a program. I go once a month and see a counselor there. I also go to my regular doctor that prescribes me klonopins for anxiety.

    The suboxone place I go to was trying to cut down on the amount of patients and subs they were prescribing. So they suggested I ask my other doctor to prescribe me the subs instead. They gave me a script for 2 weeks and told me to come back if my other doctor wouldn't fill them. That was 3 months ago. My other doctor wasn't able to do that. He said he's over the limit of patients he can give subs too.

    Then I got really sick and missed my appointment to refill my script at the program. So I never went back. I had a lot of subs leftover and decided I could use them to taper off myself. I took the last of them last week and had some withdrawal symptoms but it wasn't horrible. I'm on week 2 now and I'm having serious cravings. I haven't done any opioids in 8 years and I never want to do them again.

    I want to get off the subs for good. But do it the right way by going back to the program so they can help with tapering off.

    I'm scared that since I never went back and it's been 3 months they might refuse to help me. There gonna ask me how I went 3 months without any subs. Can I tell them i was getting them somewhere else? I don't wanna tell them I had a bunch of leftovers bc that won't look good to them.

    Does anyone have experience with going to these programs? Do you think they'll help me even though it's been 3 months and I never went back? I feel like that might be an issue.

    Thanks for any advice you can give
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @kellabella83... Are you in the U.S.? If so, I suggest you look for an addiction specialist in your area and make an appointment with them. Addiction specialists are doctors who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of addiction, so it's not like going to see a "regular" doctor. They can help you with the taper. You can find an addiction specialist by searching by your zip code at the American Society of Addiction Medicine's website:

    For what it's worth, if you go back to the program you went to before, I would be totally honest with them. I wouldn't say you were getting subs somewhere else. I don't think that would look good, either. Plus, if they ask you for details about where you got it--which they might, because subs is a controlled substance--you'll be screwed.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  3. Kship01

    Kship01 Member

    Hi, congrats for weaning yourself off of Suboxone. I did the same thing several years ago. Suboxone is a great tool to getting off opioids but should not be used as long term treatment. Since you have gone so long without the drug it is completely out of your system and what you are experiencing is not physical withdrawal. I’m not a Dr but I think you may be having some post acute withdral syndrome. Or PAWS. This would explain the strong craving for more Suboxone. I would recommend seeing an addiction specialist and finding a support group you can turn to when times get tough. I know how strong the cravings can be, but they will pass. Stay strong and good luck!
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  4. Aodafml2

    Aodafml2 Senior Contributor

    I also have been where you are. I'd tell em u started using. ut you'll have to piss dirty...this is probably shity advice but it works.

    so I was have. been 2 weeks clean? your over the shi** y part. it will get a little better each day, everyone has a different scenario. if you havnt used anything and decide to. start small (low mg) your tolerance surely went down. this is why when people get outa jail they prob. already know 2cents. good luck
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