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Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by Tryingtoquit, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Tryingtoquit

    Tryingtoquit Member

    Hey yall. Dont even know if this is worth it but here goes. I was on suboxone for years. How many? I dont know atleast 6 maybe more. I am now 22 days clean from it an still experiancing physical withdrawal symptoms. To me, withdrawl from suboxone is not as intense as getting off pills. Atleast with pills u feel all the pain at once an within ur second week up to day 14 your already feeling almost like urself. Sith me withdrawal from suboxone is not as intense but it is defintly much longer. I dont sleep. My heart feels like its coming out of my chest. I still have restless legs.. Haha well restless everything
    I call it the creepy crawlies. My body thrashes if i try an sleep. I can stay away for about 48 hours before i crash out for 2 hours an wake up even more pissed with the creepy crawlies feeling. If your thinking about suboxone please do it with a doctor an for detox only. Suboxone sucks. I took it so i wouldnt withdrawl. Never been high on it. But i was an am addicted to not getting sick. Therefore i did eveything in my power to get it. Its no joke to come off of it. Im on day 22 an ready to get off the damn rollercoaster. Its been the longest detox ive ever been thro. Im determinded to never pick up again. I dont even crave the ****. Well i think ill take it to sleep. But then ill be taking it to not go thro this again. Fuckin hampster wheel with us addicts. But no i aint touchin the **** ever again. Im so tired all the time. Anxious. Lethargic. My heart beating 10000000 miles a min. I can feel it. Just sucks. So if your thinking about takin subs to get off pill please remember that suboxone is stronger than morphine when it comes to preventing pain. If u dont believe me then google it. Ive done so much research on this **** latly its unbelieveable. Also research PAWS. Post acute withdrawl. Its no joke. I honestly dont knoe if im feeling paws now or still detoxing but it sucks regardless. Im ready to finally sleep one day. A full night without moving. That would be nice. But ive heard someone day... U dont die from no sleep. Probably because ur body shuts down after a few days. Ok im dont complaining. Just dont wanna see people go thro what i have an still am. Suboxone is not the answer. Please take it from someone who was on it for years and to scared to get off because of this. But noe im living it an praying the wds/paws come to an end. Good luck on ur journey.
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Thanks for sharing your experience, @Tryingtoquit. I'm sure it will help lots of people here. And congratulations on your 22 days without Suboxone! That's FABULOUS!! Just keep going, my friend. Things will improve. And you'll be in a much better place.

    Always here for you.