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Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Candy_land, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Candy_land

    Candy_land Member

    I'm new to recovery but back been living in addiction for most of my life. I recently got done with detox and I'm now on subs I'm not sure what to expect and I dont know if I like taking them ?
  2. DoxyMom

    DoxyMom Community Champion

    @Candy_land hello and welcome. I go to a methadone clinic and use that as a tool for my brain to heal. Hopefully @Joshstillclean will post as he has experience with this. Just make sure you are taking them as prescribed. Get some sort of therapy. Keep coming here and work on your recovery every day. Will you share more of your story with us?
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  3. Candy_land

    Candy_land Member

  4. Candy_land

    Candy_land Member

    My name is carleen I'm 30 years old and recently lost my sister to a Overdose I've been struggling with my addiction for the past 15 years but now I'm really trying to save my life. Fetnal is really taking its toll on so many people in my life including myself. I've overdosed myself 2 times in the past month that's when I decided I needed to get clean.
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  5. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    Fent is what put me in the hospital for nearly all overdoses.
    I'm Josh I'm 32. Glad your here Carleen. I've got much experience with suboxone. It saved my life. When the fentanyl entered the scene I was just getting to where I was having a hard time getting a high on H.
    So it took me about a week to figure out how to extract it myself and abuse it. Nearly killed me. After using that I couldn't even get unsick with plain heroin. I'm not exaggerating at all I remember getting really expensive stuff once, little over a gram, had to get a 3 ml syringe to make a one gram shot.
    I had never done a one gram shot in one push before but I figured I had a tolerance that could handle it, and I was so strung oh I wasn't thinking right.
    (I've been keeping a journal daily even when homeless since a teen, it was 1.7 grams I just looked at my journal entry)
    I waited till I was craving really bad because I wanted that warm comfort to wash over me so I sat in the bathroom until I was getting sweaty and had chillbumps. I did it. I admit I was a little scared too. But I did it all in one even push.
    I waited.
    I sold the rest for fent that day or I was gonna be sick. I don't remember this but my diurnal says I got 5 oxy 80s.
    Must have. But I share that because that's how fast fentanyl will raise your tolerance. Soon you will think H is weak. I know there are a lot of folks out there that have done pills and don't believe me but I k ow the rock bottom of H use-you don't wanna go there. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. She wouldn't want that for you.
    Suboxone doesn't offer that feeling methadone does and they both have their pros and cons but I actually just got back from the clinic today. I prefer buprenorphine because it lasts longer. And if my tolerance didn't skyrocket then if be ok on methadone. But recently I had to go on methadone for about a month. And in that month I hit 120mgs. That fast. I'm stable on 4mg of subutex(buprenorphine). And it takes my cravings away as well.
    I don't like having to take it, I wish this wasn't my life, and it won't be forever.
    But I have my wonderful son to be here for. When I get that thought to not take it and use, I think about him.
    Please tell me more, or inbox me if you want. We all love and care and want the beat for you. I know this is a novel, but when it cones to opiods I have a lot to say. Thanks.