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Subsidized recovery progams

Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by Damien Lee, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Community Champion

    Not only do we live in a world with an ever-dipping economy. According to many news reports, jobs will soon be a thing of the past. It's only a matter of time where many governments will have little choice but to become socialist welfare states. That may sounds grim but it certainly seems that we're heading in that direction.

    Substance abusers are particularly vulnerable. It's common for many to be part of lower-income groups or unemployed. This is a terrible fate where very little recourse seems to be available. I feel it's only fair for there to be subsidize programs that will help these folks out. It doesn't all have to come from the government, large corporations can do their part too. What are you views regarding this matter?
  2. dakotacensus

    dakotacensus Member

    No offense but I think you have an inaccurate view of the state of the global economy and the future job market, and having strong social welfare systems has nothing to do with being a socialist state. To get to your main question, yes I believe treatment programs should be subsidized. One could argue that if it was done through regular taxation then corporations would already be contributing, but in either case it supports the overall well-being of society and is a benefit to all.

    I can't speak to the situation in the US, but is Canada methadone treatment, for example, is almost fully covered by the provincial health care systems. There was a lengthy study done by Health Canada and they adopted this approach as part of the best practices of Methadone Maintenance Treatment. I believe the coverage also extends to other substance abuse problems as well.
  3. MzDTL

    MzDTL Member

    I totally agree with @dakotacensus. My whole outlook on the world is totally different. I know some people who was an attic and came through the darkness and is shedding some light. I am not saying they are rich or middle class, but sure aren't on assistance. I think it is only common for the people who have nobody to push them into the right direction to be part of the lower-income groups. I honestly feel like the substance abusers, deep down want to get help but don't know how and they act a certain way to get attention.
  4. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    You say jobs will soon be a thing of the past. I guess if you want to create fear one might say that. Obama's creating new jobs. He's expanding to being a hollywood star himself. People who voted for him should be happy with this. Lol Substance abusers will be vulnerable you say to this. Not sure that this part matters as much as them getting real help. This is a job in itself getting someone clean.
    It's all a bunch of blah blah jargon at the end of the day. I guess if the government in not so direct ways pushes people to be drug addicts they should fund it. Yeah that makes sense. Drugs are escapism no matter what kind they do. Prescription or illegal. They don't want to work. Even functioning people who take prescriptions. They just want a cloud for their life whether it's pain or their husband.
    Everyone's just got to move on and get a life. Maybe get some hobbies instead of ADDICTIONS. No one should subsidize that if they weren't the cause of it. It all goes back to one's childhood.
  5. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I find that there is a need for subsidized recovery programs for those who simply will not be able to recover without professional help and can't afford it. However, I feel drugs is something they found a way to pay for and as such these people also need to pay back in some way. Perhaps the can work their way through the program- kind of like work study programs.
  6. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Eh, I hope you are not right D: That sounds awful! The place I am moving to seems to have a blooming economy, but that might be a thing of the past with this new wave of immigrants. Either way, I hope that doesn't happen. Our addicts are already having such a hard time getting the treatment they need. over there you need to pay for your health insurance, is not like the other European countries. So I do think drug addicts do need to pay for their own treatment and it's often a lot. Not many free choices there.
  7. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    There definitely needs to be some sort of help for people who can't afford treatment. A lot of people make it pretty much impossible for them to get help and it's sad.
  8. movingforward1

    movingforward1 Active Contributor

    I have gotten free addiction treatment through programs for low-income and mentally ill individuals. I believe they were mandated by funds from the state. Each one of these programs that I have been in were BARELY helpful at all. I suppose it was better than nothing, as far as treatment goes, but I think that in the US vastly more money and attention needs to be paid to addiction treatment for poor, underprivileged individuals. The programs that I was part of were very under-staffed and under-funded.
  9. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Most addicts are unemployed because of their addictions. Helping them could also means that the rate of unemployment can be lowered since when they recover, they can become part of the work force again. So help in the government is just good as well from private sectors.