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Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Cambird, May 29, 2020.

  1. Cambird

    Cambird Member

    Hey i need some girl freind use to have a pill problem.anyhow she got busted and was put on probation and had to go to the classes and all for a year.and she completed it all and done very well.they started giving her suboxin and she took that a long time but she dident like the taste so after alot of complaining they switched her to subutex.well since she started taking that shes like a zombie.she remembers things that dident happen.she ask me questions about stuff that never happened and it always turns into a fight cause when i tell her it aint happen she gets really mad.its pretty much has made my life hell cause she dreams this stuff up and idk what to do about it.when i tell her that something is wrong that its messing her up she always saying its doctors subscribed.and that im lying to her about what its doing to her.she wont talk to her doc about it cause she dont realize she doing it
  2. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    So does Suboxin include the Antagonist ? & does Subutex contain the 'strait opiate' ? Sry I can not recall , I have not been on these ( but have been offered by Dr's MANY! times .)

    I assume subutex has no ' narcan "TYPE" drug , .

    Yr answer will depend on her dose ie. mg per day + times a day , & if she is using other opiates with it .
    Her dose may be to high or she is abusing it ?

    In my druggie mind , I'd want the "strait opiate " so I could take other opiates & still feel them .

    Also her age & time spent using in her life "may" make a small difference IMO .

    Or if she is taking other drug types esp , Benzos , or Alcohol will affect her memory .

    You say she "Use" to have a pill problem , to me there is a fine line between use & abuse tho most who still take opiates everyday are still' ' Dependent' on them . Like people like me .

    Ask her ? , & yes I know it will likely end up in an argument but communication & trust in yr situation is very important IMO .
    I wish y'all well .
  3. Anthony2516

    Anthony2516 Member

    suboxine saved my life simple is that
  4. Anthony2516

    Anthony2516 Member

    suboxine saved my life simple is that