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Support Groups Today

Discussion in '12-Step Support Groups' started by Devonne, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Devonne

    Devonne Member

    I was wondering how support groups today are different from the past. I have been to a support group for a couple of things (Domestic Violence and alcohol) and didn't find that they were effective in my road to recovery. This was back in 2005, so I'm sure things have changed in some areas, but would like to know some specifics. I'm sure the 12 step program and that information is the same but are they more laid back than they were and do they talk about educational aspects, like statistics and information like that. I went to one that took place within a bar, which seemed a little off to me but I guess facing your addiction while it is smacking you in the face is one way to go about it. Anyways, I would love to know personal recent experiences and even if they helped you or not. Thank you
  2. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

    I'm not sure how old-time support groups were in comparison with today's, but I'm convinced that support groups are not for everyone, or at least it's necessary to choose carefully one of these groups after learning more on each option available and background check (whenever possible) as the only way to make an educate decision.

    As for me, support groups weren't what I expected, finding more convenient going on my own in the pathway to recovery.
  3. Devonne

    Devonne Member

    I think that is very true, support groups aren't for everyone. I was pushed into going into a support group for being in a domestic violence relationship. It was nice to have people to talk to and connect with but at the end of the day the problem is still there waiting for you. At that time there really wasn't any interaction from the leader, it was just women talking about their abuse. It's good to have an outlet but I'm the type of person who likes to push for results rather than talking about things until I'm blue in the face. Once I started to take matters into my own hands, well then I started to see change. Everyone is different though, so for what didn't work for me, well could be a lifesaver for someone else.

    Thanks for your kind response.
  4. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Well, I noticed so many things vary depending on the group, most of the groups I went to were kinda different in the way they were run, some seemed to be more strict and functioning according to the 12 step program, while others... (hostile environment right there) didn't. Some were very informative too and tried to educate. Others seemed just to be all over reading the 12 traditions book as well as the one of the 12 steps... then people coming to the front and talk about why they are there or their struggles, etc.