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Surround yourself with positive

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by megankl, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. megankl

    megankl Active Contributor

    One of the best ways to keep sober is to surround yourself with positive people and influences. Spend the most of your time with people who bring you joy and not the ones who make you want to turn back to your addiction. Find a group of friends who makes you laugh and wants whats best for you and hold them close. Also, having a pet has brought me the most joy I could ever want or need.

    What positive things help you keep your mind in a clear place?
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  2. maxprime94

    maxprime94 Member

    To keep myself in a clear place I always try and zone out with some music. Since I was a child it has always kept me calm in rough situations. What I love about it is that you can literally select a genre that matches with your current move. Also, like you mentioned above, a pet has really helped me as well. I currently own a cat and having him makes me feel that much less lonely in my fight to stay sober.
  3. ExpertAdvice

    ExpertAdvice Active Contributor

    Being involved in Sports is a very good way to keep your fit,healthy and away from addiction, just imagine training yourself for a competition, such as a football match or a 5k? If you are a dedicated person that really wants to do well in these competitions, it will help to steer your interest away from drugs and to a positive thing. Good friends as you say @megankl is also a way I believe, to keep you away from bad influences, after all, friends have influenced us in one way or another at some point in our lives.
  4. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    It's not always sunshine and lollipops all the time, so I disagree with this positive mentality or thinking, because without the negatives, things will always be linear and not balanced. For example, direct current electricity required power stations every two miles otherwise it would overload, until Nikola Tesla created the alternating current and combined that with direct current to create the present electrical use of AC/DC. Whether people know this or not, everything is about balance and moderation for it. Always positive people have been shown in studies to be less aware of their environment and less critical.

    However, I'm not implying one should not be positive or surround their selves with positive people, which is good, but one has to be aware of and know the negatives in order to appreciate the positives.
  5. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I agree. The people you surround yourself with is a very important factor in recovery, and the negative people in this case don't even really have to be addicts themselves meaning that even non addicts can turn out to have a negative effect on someone so being a substance abuser isn't the only indicator so I'd say you really have to be aware and conscious of the people you unground yourself with.
  6. Juan

    Juan Active Contributor

    @valiantx Well, I believe that if you're trying to recover from an addiction you've already seen the negative aspects of drug addiction, or even life, so it doesn't hurt to try to be as much positive as you can. Of course, I don't mean deluding yourself into thinking that life is only sunshine and lollipops, as you put it, but recognizing that, even though life has its ups and downs, it always helps to stay positive.

    Also, working your metaphor further, even if alternating current wasn't present, with direct current you still need positive and negative poles, right? :D
  7. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    The interesting thing is that often, as you begin to slowly recover from your addiction, you will notice that many of your so-called friends are gradually disappearing from your life as, in reality, they were only ever fellow substance abusers. One of the most important aspects of overcoming addiction is continuous encouragement and a positive outlook on life. It's hard to stay focused on your goal of becoming or staying sober or clean, when you have people around you who doubt your hard work and commitment.
  8. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    Beside surrounding yourself with positive influences I would like to add that keeping yourself busy and always be productive everyday is another way to stay sober and clean. It's when you get bored and stay idle for long periods of time is when the habits start calling your name.
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  9. Daniel Lucky

    Daniel Lucky Active Contributor

    This is a must, who we surround ourselves with truly can decide on how long we remain sober. If I am trying to quit drugs and surround myself with drug users how long can I remain sober? When quitting drugs in the beginning this I feel is a must, on some many levels. Positive influences push us in the right direction and focuses on our improvement. So try to find new friends and join new activities that can keep you strong. Good luck!
  10. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    The people that are around us are very important, true, and if they are positive they can boost us for a better life. Usually we attract people similar to us though. ;)
  11. Out of all of the suggestions this one is the most likely to have a strong impact. If you take yourself out of the environment that leads to use, than you are eliminating the opportunity to use. If you surround yourself with good people that live a happy sober existence, this can do wonders for you. If you take life one day at a time, you can face each day with the confidence and strength you need carry on.
  12. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Yeah, we need to remain calm and think positive, so we don't want people around us that will drag us back down, we should avoid those people.
  13. Serena

    Serena Active Contributor

    One of the things that I do to keep my mind in a clear place is to go to the waterfalls. It seems to bring me such peace and positivity. Another thing that I like to do is to go to the coast and watch the waves. I watch the waves and look at how they crash against the big rocks in the ocean. They are loud and seem like they are fighting back. The water here is not calm. It reminds me that life can be tumultuous, but I am strong and can take what life throws at me. Water always seems to bring me peace.
  14. MissLisa

    MissLisa Member

    I think that it cannot be said enough that surrounding yourself with positive people can help further your goals in life. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with those you would like to emulate and are very positive people, could help advance your efforts and even help you to become a better person in general. I see it too often even in myself. When I am around a certain person very often, I can't help but to use some of the words that person usually uses and vice versa.
  15. rga1999

    rga1999 Member

    I believe surrounding yourself around great people is the best thing. When trying not to fall back in the same trap, you have to let go of the things that may remind you of your addiction. I personally like to go to the park, or maybe in my back yard, and just look into the sky. Remind myself of why I am getting clean, and whats important. This assist me in not falling into the same routine!
  16. lollie

    lollie Member

    When I decided to transition into sobriety, it was around my birthday and I planned a trip to the mountains (Shenandoah National Park) with my friends. There I made a list of goals and expectations for myself. It was truly a humbling experience. Now I don't party as much. I've been living in DC for 4 years and I'm just now discovering all of the fun and exciting "safe" things to do here :) Good feeling to "explore".
  17. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    To answer your questions, good books always keep me grounded. They reinforce the positive vibes dwelling in me while suppressing the bad one. Of course, I receive enough love and support from everyone who matters. The thing is, although it's great to recommend the same thing to recovering rehab patients, if they come from a negative background with nowhere to turn to, then I guess the responsibility to surround them with positive energy rests in the center and its staff.
  18. LitoLawless

    LitoLawless Senior Contributor

    I agree that surroundind yourself with positive people and positive things will always help with sobriety. I think that it will help especially when being faced with dark times is what turned you to your vice in the first place. Positivity heals a lot more than people give it credit for.
  19. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I agree, it's not a matter of acting up, but it's a matter of seeing the positive side of things, just seeing the negative side of things will attract the worse.
  20. Tournique

    Tournique Senior Contributor

    @Peninha I have to agree with you. Keeping a positive and optimistic mentality is very healthy for the mind and body. I cannot remember how many times my optimism saved me from going into a depression even when the signs were clear. One thing that fuels me is the sun, whenever I see a sunny day I smile from all my heart!