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Terrified please help

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Josh111187, May 4, 2018.

  1. Glimmerofhope

    Glimmerofhope Active Contributor

    Hi! 24 hrs so far no nasty side effects apart from the toilet department! I agree that alcohol is probably harder as it’s deemed more socially acceptable. I’ve found myself having a drink more than often most nights not harder stuff like spirits but still..
  2. Glimmerofhope

    Glimmerofhope Active Contributor

    But this page has been a wake up call, and it’s felt less dirty and challenging and more encouraging and open. So my legs are starting to feel abit heavy now, and the bottom of my feet sensitive... anyone with tips example do I rest more or keep moving? And food should I risk a normal meal with the bowel movements I’ve snacked throughout the day just a mouthful every now and then but even though my tummy’s really gripey I am getting abit hungry or would it be a no no.
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  3. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I would eat something soft but feeling,try progreso soup with chicken and veggies,whether it's slow or fast the poison must come out,drink something that has electrolytes with your meal because the more you sit on that toilet the more you get dehydrated. Stay Strong my friend and God Bless you
  4. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    Its all good. I have been clean for about three years. I did have a slip up with not my drug of choice. But I'm well beyond that.
    I do have advice. And since this thread was edited I'm not sure how many of the gory details you read but my detox was horrible.
    Yours won't be nearly as bad. Yes cosine isn't fun to come off of but it has such a short half,life that 24 hours in your nearly halfway through the hard part.
    Gatorade! Pedialyte! Water! Repeat!
    The Progresso soup (chicken is also my go-to) is a necessity in an at home detox IMO.
    Also, I understood about the children, but 3! Wow! I only have one child.
    More power to ya!
    Also, the sensitivity in the legs and feet will get worse over the next12 hours or so. But will quickly get better.
    If you can find and read mune, and @True concern. First posts you'll see you have nothing to fear.
    I also recommend @DoxyMom. Thread, she is a total inspiration. She also was caught up in heroin, like myself and she has overcome! (She didn't reduce herself to needles like I did though- she truly is strong)...
    As far as the booze goes can you tell us a little more about that?
  5. Glimmerofhope

    Glimmerofhope Active Contributor

    You’ve all
    Hi josh, firstly well done for conquering! It takes a lot out of a person.. you should be very proud of yourself :) your post was actually the first one I saw! And I’m still struggling to navigate my way to everyone’s past posts :/ well I’m 92 hours in and you are right it only lasted 48. I can’t really say I have any horrid side effects now and mentally I’m not even thinking about them, which is weird! Usually it would be all I think about.. we’ll see just play each day by here. The alcohol, I somehow got into a routine with that where I’d feel that stressed at the end of the day I would have a bottle of wine. Think I’ve definitely been using to numb pain my dad was diagnosed terminal the later half of last year, but I feel calm at the moment. I don’t feel as anxious these past few days, and I’ve realised if he has to face this so do I. I have a life to choose
  6. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @Glimmerofhope How are you doing?Please update us,we truly care and worry so when you get time it would be much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless you
  7. Glimmerofhope

    Glimmerofhope Active Contributor

    Hey true, I’m doing ok... day 8 completed still that feeling of run down like my body’s abit exhausted by the end of a day but then it’s let’s get some sleep and go at it again tomorrow. Hope your all good, thank you for checking in on me
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  8. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I do recall that BURN! & Sitting in Cold water , I do not miss that for sure.

    It's great you are staying away from "the hard stuff" but to my crazy mind a drink is a drink .

    Take it slow , set your mind & one day just do it .
    Yr Mind will let you know when its prepared , you just have to make the right choice .

    P.S. Now if I could follow my own advice & quit smoking cig's & Weed ; as I don't use it the way I want to .
  9. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    It hard but you will be a stronger person after going through this terrible trial in life ; I was a mess taking any pill could ( that said "Could Cause Drowsiness") during my late Mom's last months of cancer + I was still drinking a bit here and there but drank hard when I had no opiates , even tho at the end she was kinda out of it as her cancer was everywhere including her brain., That said I do wish She could have passed knowing I was sober .
    BUT ?
    Life goes on

    So hang in there day to day ( ho hun) lol

    I know with 99% of my feeling that you can overcome this & get on with yr new sober life , yes temptation will be at ever gas station ( get yr meth pipe there to ) but just cruzin by sayin I don't need that spit , I a good feeling when u get home . U got this .
    Best Wishes Davey
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  10. DoxyMom

    DoxyMom Community Champion

    @Glimmerofhope how are you doing? It sounds like most of your symptoms were mild. For that run down feeling, get some good vitamins and supplements. Try to exercise. All these things plus time will help get your body back to normal. I'm so proud of you! You got this! Congratulations!
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