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That Smell!

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by JonnyMacdonald, May 20, 2015.

  1. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    For so long I took offense to when non-smokers would criticize things based on some "smokers smell." I never smelled it and I chalked it up to them just trying to be a jerk to me because they didn't like the fact that I smoked. Sure I could understand when I just came in from smoking, but there was no way it would just stick to things and be smelly much later, ridiculous! I once remember a big argument between me and my father when he complained that the chair we bought for my mom and stored at my apartment stunk and took 30 minutes of washing to get the smell out. At that time he was just being mean and trying to make me feel guilty for smoking so I would quit.
    Well now that I don't smoke anymore (almost 2 months woohoo :)) I CAN SMELL IT AND I HATE IT!
    I mean I still like the smell of fresh smoke, when I happen to be by a lit cigarette (which I try and avoid but sometimes you just can't.) But that stale stuck to fabric smell? YUK I totally get why people complained (Especially in my car lol) about it. I just want to give a big apology to the non-smokers for our lingering aroma as well as offer a bit of explanation on behalf of those still stuck on ciggies.
  2. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    Ha ha very nice of you to apologise! My fiancée used to smoke and she now despises the smell of it in every single way. But I have never ever smoked and I quite like the smell, not in close quarters like a car or anything but I quite like it when a smoker walks past me in the street.
  3. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I think it is a good thing that you hate the smell now. Great for you that you managed to not smoke for two months and keep it up. I really hate the smell of the smoke especially from the cigarette.
  4. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I used to like the smell before I started smoking. Since I quit I'm not huge on it though. While I see where people are coming from I still take offense to people calling smokers out on their smell. It's one thing to be smelly, it's another thing for people to be rude about it.
  5. Femiluv

    Femiluv Active Contributor

    I really dislike the smell of nicotine, and I find that a lot of my smoker friends seem indifferent to the smell or don't notice the smell at all. My bf doesn't believe me when he smokes heavily some days and he lays in bed and the bed smells like cigarettes. He thinks it's all in my head but I'm pretty sure it's not.
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  6. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    I was just having this conversation with my husband. We quit three weeks ago. I knew it smelled, but I never realized quite how much.

    It got cool out the other evening, and I grabbed my jacket that I usually leave in the car. It smelled like stale cigarettes. Yuck. I couldn't wait to wash it. Every once in a while I get a whiff of stale smoke off of something else too. Now, I just want to clean everything I own. Ewwww.
  7. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    The one thing I have really noticed since quitting is how yellow my house had got, especially on the ceilings and woodwork. I have recently repainted and the house smells so much fresher now.
  8. I complain constantly about it with my husband. He doesn't smoke in the house, but this morning actually he came home from work and I guess he lit a cigarette outside right before he came in. He ran right to the garage (through the house) and I complained about the smell. He got an attitude and was like "there's no way it smells, I was in here for seconds" but it definitely smelled. It didn't linger, but you could smell it. Also, we bought this house from my mother and she would smoke every day in the bathroom. The vent on the ceiling was so yellow when we moved in it was disgusting.

    Ironically, there is some kind of scented wax (you know, the kind that goes into the warmers and melts and makes the house smell nice) that is supposed to smell like some kind of upscale's supposedly lightly scented with tobacco and wood and stuff. I don't know the name, but it smells really nice. I'm not sure why I like that smell.
  9. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    I was the same. I couldn't smell the stench that I was creating around me, even though I only ever smoked in wide, open spaces. The stink of cigarettes was always lingering on my skin, my hair, my clothes, and I wasn't even aware of it. When I stopped smoking I became acutely aware of the cigarette odor around my partner. It got to a point where I would have to ask him to go and wash his hands before touching anything around the house after smoking in the garden. I got such an aversion to it, that I even had to ask him to smoke at least 20 metres away from our house.
  10. CallipygianGamine

    CallipygianGamine Community Champion

    I’ve seen this happen with other smokers who ended up quitting. They never thought much of the smell, but once they quit they would realize that the smell overpowers and sticks to everything. Some became extremely sensitive to it, and couldn’t even be around cigarettes or smokers.
  11. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Yep, cigarette smoke stinks. It's really an unpleasant smell. I'm a smoker, and I hate it when someone blows cigarette smoke on me. It gets een worse if your drinking. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was drinking beer and smoking? Boy, does that stink.
  12. djd

    djd Member

    I've grown up with 2 parents smoking around me pretty much all the time...

    I don't really smell the 'smoker smell' on clothing or anything, or the lingering smell it might leave after you smoke and put it out - but I absolutely cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke when someone's smoking. It's so hard for me to breathe. You'd think I'd be some kind of immune to it, considering I've grown up around it, but nope - can barely breathe. It's to the point where I have to pretty much beg my parents to put out their cigarettes when we're in the car together.
  13. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    I'm truly glad you hate the smoke now! Those who haven't smoked at all in their life might not truly hate the smoke, but those who are non-smokers but quit in the past, this category starts to hate the smoke, and from the looks of it, you pertain to the ex-smokers.
  14. cpinatsi

    cpinatsi Senior Contributor

    Yeah, I feel the same. A few weeks after I quit smoking I realised I just couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes. I quess that is a good thing since I'm determined not to smoke again if possible.
  15. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I totally hate that smell, that smell clings to absolutely everything those toxic fumes touch! The breath of a smoker is even worse. I'm looking forward to my partner quitting smoking, his clothes reek of smoke smell, same with his hair and even the things he is in close contact with. Worst part is when we are walking down the street and he starts smoking...
  16. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    haha... you just reminded me of the last year when I quit cigarettes (it was 8 longs months!) I went to a coffee shop for a honey latte. And then, all of a sudden, this thick smoke came around to greet me! I felt as if it was taunting me in its own way for abandoning it. And then it went all the way through my nostrils and my face! It got all screwed up like a crumpled paper. I didn't even drink that honey latte; I just stormed out of that coffee shop. I went to the nearby store, bought a bottle of mineral water, gulped half of it and took a deep breath. Then I thought of all the non-smokers I knew. 'Guys! You lot are awesome!'
  17. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    I remember there was also a time when I used to find smoke smell pleasant and I actually liked to smell it on someone. I guess this is a smoker thing and when people quit they feel how awful the smell is. It's kind of disgusting and makes someone seem unhygienic. I'm glad I don't smell like this anymore.
  18. Devonne

    Devonne Member

    That's so awesome that you realize what we non smokers go through now. I have a neighbor who smokes in her apartment and it always comes in. It invades my life and takes hours to leave. We live in a non smoking property so she isn't supposed to be doing it in property anyways, but that doesn't stop her. I've brought it up to management but they don't seem too concerned with it because they smoke as well. I would just like to live my life without smelling it every second. I can stand fresh smoke but it has to filter through walls and what not so by the time it hits out place, well it's just awful and overbearing. I know my neighbor isn't a dirty person but it makes me think that my own place smells dirty because of her smoke. Ugh, maybe one day one of us will move.
  19. Eileen100

    Eileen100 Member

    I have to say I like the way cigarettes smell in passing too. I used to chain smoke and I also thought people were being mean but once you stop smoking and smell lingering smoke it wreaks. Congrats on 2 months not smoking by the way it’s an awesome start. The neighbor next door smokes and sometimes when my window is open I smell his smoke that’s as far as I want to go these days though.
  20. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I experience almost the exact same thing! I quit smoking about one month ago and now is like my nose has smoke detector, I can detect when someone smoked or is smoking even if this person is not on the same room, is really weird! And I know, the smell is really disgusting, but in glad that you've quit!