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The Big Step

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by akiram13, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    When addicted to something that you really want to quick whether it be smoking, alcohol or any other drug. What I did that worked for me when it came to alcohol and cigs. Was come to the realization that I wanted to quit and needed to quit. I decided to do whats best for me. Avoid going with those friends of mine that drink and smoke. Found a solid inspiration to keep me focused and surrounded my self with supporting and strict family members who never gave up on me.

    Keeping yourself busy and never letting your mind of thought lead you back to where you left off. Have faith in GOD and know and keep in mind that HE never gives whatwe cannot handle in life.

    Do whats necessary for you to quit. Don't be pulled back but instead pull others forward with you as you go. Support yourself as well as others. And tell yourself today is my big step into a new and better life for myself and failure is not an option. If you have the will, the faith, your mindset and these tools you can break your suffering. :)

    I hope this will inspire and help others because this is what I did for my self. GOD Bless.
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  2. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I decided to do whats best for me.

    That's absolutely the realization you have to come to in recovery. I know for me, for a while I got caught up with the crowd, and just went along with whatever they were doing - but it was holding me back and keeping me in a cycle of drinking every day. Sometimes you do have to step away from people that may encourage that kind of behavior as it only makes recovery more difficult.
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  3. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    Very true. In any recovery is wanting to recover. You will trip if you don't see where you are walking. I hope my experience and what I did to help myself will also inspire and help others. Never be ashamed of the past but instead be proud of how far you have come and that mountain you climbed to get to the top. Mental recovery is what its all about. Know your goal. The steps. The reasons. And take action. Not later, tomorrow or next week. But now! In the very moment.
  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Hello there, @akiram13! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. :) That's a pretty good realization, and I couldn't agree more with you. You cannot fully recover if you are not wholeheartedly willing and determined to quit your addictions. The decision to stop will always be in your hand.
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  5. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    The goal is to help people get there motivation from experiences I went through. It worked for me and I hope others will take my advice :)
  6. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    One of the best ways to recovery is to decide that you're no longer a victim to drugs. That more than anything, you are a human being stronger than the drug you're taking. With God's guidance and faith in yourself, going to make it even though the odds seem against you. That's definitely a good mindset to have during and even after recovery.
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  7. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    It really is. When you realize that you have the will to overcome something its always possible. Always, always keep in mind that these trials in life will pass wether we overcome it or undergo. You will still get by. By putting your faith in GOD and in yourself. No one can stop you. Only enemy is yourself.
  8. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    Yes, when attempting recovery, avoid all friends that can lead you to take drugs again, and stick with it, do not be distracted or tempted. And once you have made that decision to turn your life around, do so with resolve, because you know that it's for your own good.