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The food therapy method

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by sazzydan, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Theboysmom04

    Theboysmom04 Member

    I'm using a combination of food/imagery to fight my cigarette cravings. Every time I get a bad craving I take a drink of water and imagine I'm washing all the yuck out of my system. Same thing when I eat veggies I imagine nicotine going out strong healthy vitamins going in. It's actually helped a lot.
  2. Belovedad

    Belovedad Active Contributor

    It works. However finding something else to get addicted to isn't the best idea. So if you're doing that make sure it's a good amount of different food items because believe it or not you can show withdrawal symptoms from specific food.
  3. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I think that this is an amazing idea especially for people who love to eat! :)
    I'm currently trying to drink more water, when I'm craving for a cigarette I drink mint infused water and it really helps, and also the mint makes the water taste really good.
  4. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I have had an unhealthy relationship with food ever since I was little. Back then, I would eat chips for breakfast and would only have lunch if it's hotdogs or canned foods. I don't even drink enough water back then. And since I was very young, my guardians allowed me to do since they cannot control me. I throw tantrums whenever they try to limit my junk food intake.

    Fast forward to now, I know better already. I have tried eating healthier food since last year. I have given up on junk foods like chips and soda. Right now, our fridge is filled with more fruits and healthy crackers. We have milk rather than soda.

    I can imagine that with people like me who have an unhealthy obsession with junk foods, this therapy might work well. Of course, you need to get rid of the junk foods first and fill your fridge with the good stuff. At first it might be hard to do but as time passes by, you'll find yourself loving fruits more than any other junk foods.

    Good luck!
  5. Vinaya

    Vinaya Community Champion

    Sometime back Australian researcher found that eating is number one pleasure triggering factor. For most of the people eating food of their choice is highly therapeutic. However, when you want to do food therapy, don't eat what you want to eat. Eat food that is good for your body.