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The Most Valuable Obstacle You've Faced?

Discussion in 'Questions About Treatment' started by bluedressed, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    Treatment is to get us better. That's the point. Nobody ever pretends it would be easy, and I think there is a good reason for that. The harder it is, the more it changes us. A sort of sink or swim situation: you can just give up, go back to your old ways and kill yourself this way gradually. Or you can rise up to the challenge. Fight. Give your best, sweat. And then conquer your issues and become better.

    Can you remember specific obstacles and/or challenges that changed you for the better? The kind of harship that you would not wish to have gotten away not having because of how impactful it was?
  2. Linno

    Linno Member

    This really hits home for me. My challenge was when I started having panic attacks. Then it progressed into a full on breakdown. I can look back on it now as my turning point, and as scary as that point in my life was I wouldn't change it. It was a wakeup call to me that I needed to change my lifestyle, it kick-started a lot of self awareness. It was hugely impactful, in a positive way. I came to look it not as a breakdown, but a breakthrough. So I do agree that sometimes our hardships can turn out to be great challenges that we will learn from.
  3. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I think one of the hardest obstacles I am facing is right now. I'm not in a good place, financially, and it's pushing me to the edge sometimes and I really have to keep myself strong and self aware enough to remind myself not to get too much into escapism. I play video games and I watch a lot of videos online just for some relief and I have a few other bad habits that I know can get out of hand if I allow myself to feel too depressed or something similar.
  4. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    Hurting the people I cared about was a major problem for me. I learned a lot from that experience, and it was something I wouldn't wish on anyone.
  5. jmiranda38

    jmiranda38 Member

    Treatment and recovery is very hard. When I'm feeling anxious I like to think about all the good things I've done. I sort of brag to myself to give myself confidence. Everyday is a fight. Every morning I wake up and give thanks for still being alive and on my feet. I think of all the obstacles that I have faced and overcome and it gives me the strength to continue and overcome my current obstacles and any future obstacles.
  6. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    It's hard to pinpoint a specific experience. Every decision you make affects the direction of your life. For instance, the decision you made prior to entering college - what course to undertake and which university - will eventually affect your chances of getting a job in the future. When people ended up working a job that pays less than their colleagues, they start regretting the degree they took, wishing they could turn back time and did things differently. Indecisiveness is one of the most difficult situations that people had to go through. It's one of the things I try to avoid.
  7. JohnBrock

    JohnBrock Active Contributor

    It's a challenge, no doubt about that. But like xTinx said, it's one you have to take, without indicisiveness. Just charge into it head-on, and when the times get rough, remember, that you're sacrificing brief pain for the greater good. For being able to have a future in which you are in charge, in which you get to make the decisions, and not your addiction.
  8. jmiranda38

    jmiranda38 Member

    I liked what you said about the brief pain for the greater good. This is important! People tend to forget that there is a bigger picture. When you can look at the bigger picture, your decisions will be much better. Sure, live in the moment, but don't throw away the rest of your life.
  9. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I suppose for me it was the haters the people that just waited for me fall off the wagon. I wanted more then anything to be clean, and sober for myself as well as family. Second only to that I wanted to prove all the finger pointers wrong. Guess what I did I guess they finally moved on to wish someone else an ill fate.
  10. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yeah everyone has some sort of a hardship to over come. It might be even harder to overcome someone else's addiction than your own. Holding someone's hand or getting them to look at their own actions can be just as draining. Sometimes there isn't anyone to tolerate a persons actions and when you are the only one. It doesn't always make you the answer to their addiction, obsession, or failures.
    I know this guy who said you are the only one who will tolerate me. Guess what? This is a big statement in itself. If you have patience and kindness some people will see an opportunity to take advantage of a good heart. Sorry but I am not the one. This kind of person who nobody seems to want to tolerate whatever the addiction or problem is. They need to step back and say to themselves either this other person is exceptional or I've got a serious problem. If the only one who tolerates me walks away, well you should accept that. Self sabotage is timeless. It is not affected by the passage of time. If you keep sabotaging your relationships time passing will not make a difference for other people to be able to tolerate rotten self centered behavior. This is what drugs, addiction, and obsession do to a person. It creates a very self centered mentality of this is all that is important to me. What I want. Not what you want. There is only so much any human being can take.

    What is my point? What does it have to do with this post? Everything. The challenge is yours. If people walk away from you because of your addiction. Too bad for you. The challenge is to pick yourself up and do it without them. The guy I spoke of, still does the same things, says the same things and causes people more problems to suit his own needs. Too bad for him. I guess it is a big fat challenge for some people to not be able to grasp the difference between right and wrong. Who cares who doesn't want to deal with you. You can walk away and be a better person or maybe not. It's your choice. Rising to the occasion is not getting everyone's approval or attention.
  11. Yeah! I remember my early adult years when as a young lad with an entrepreneurial mind & filled with visionary ideas I met a brick wall whenever I set out to draft my business plans. I practically was frustrated by my relative ineptitude in marrying the wealth of my theoretical knowledge to practical nuances. I simply lacked practical wisdom in approaching life. But was what turned out to be a springboard in my journey towards becoming an expert in navigating through practical issues in life and I relieve those moments till date.
  12. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    I can sort of relate to that. It's actually very encouraging to see it was so positive for you! I can't wait until I overcome my lack of skills at "real life" to turn them into kickass aptitudes :) Thanks for sharing!
  13. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Well, the biggest obstacle fr me was definitely the fact my mom didn't know the difference between helping me and enabling me. Sadly. She was a very important part of my recovery, no doubt about that, but she was also a big obstacle. Thankfully in the end it was her love and help that helped me fight back and regain the control of my own life. It was hell, but totally worth it.