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"The Nicotine Misconception"

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by blur92, May 6, 2015.

  1. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    I found a great and informative video on how the danger of nicotine has been ridiculously exaggerrated. Nicotine alone is not the problem; the thousands of other toxins found in cigarettes are and many of which create a stronger addiction.

    I am in no way advocating cigarette use. I am very much against it.

  2. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    Nicotine alone might not be, but in my opinion is the most crucial one in what concerns our addiction.
    Interesting video though! It helps us erase some of those misconceptions we had.
  3. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    I've been hearing more and more of this, including the fact that nicotine is found naturally in many foods. It is clearly not the only problem, but it is still part of the problem.

    Either way, I stopped smoking cigarettes, and I'm weaning myself off of nicotine. :)

    Interesting though. Thanks for the info.
  4. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I know that nicotine was never the problem with cigarettes, it's all the tar and additives they contain. I've made the switch to vaping and whilst my e-liquid contains nicotine, like Zyni, I am reducing the strength gradually.
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  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    While nicotine is a problem, the amount if other chemicals found in cigarettes these days is definitely a bigger threat.

    That's why some people say that rolling your own cigarettes with tobacco is the less dangerous option if you do want to continue to smoke.
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  6. cmleasure

    cmleasure Active Contributor

    This is why I smoke organic American Spirits. I can tell a positive difference in my body from smoking American Spirits versus cigarettes that contain additives. I know that smoking is not healthy in general, but I do believe this is a bit better. I have much more lung capacity than I did when I was smoking Camels and do not cough as much. Vaping is not guaranteed to be safe, they have found the same cell mutations from the use of vaping as they find with cigarette smoking. Also, since the juices are not controlled by the FDA, virtually anyone can make the juice. You do not know what you are getting in the juices, there have been studies conducted that found just as many if not more carcinogens and additives in some juice ingredients.
  7. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I knew their were several if not hundreds of different chemicals in cigarettes. I just didn't know what they were exactly. But the bottom line is they aren't good for you. That's all you need to know to stop using it.
  8. adfnio

    adfnio Community Champion

    Very informative. I think we all knew on some level that there were other harmful properties in smoking but we never knew the exact terminology of chemical. We just knew it. This confirms it. So what's going to be done about it? Absolutely nothing. Too much money is being made off of the taxation.
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  9. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I am not a chemist or anything related that could prove it or not. I just rely on what had been said to be researched and/or studied. I think if that is a fact, that does not make cigarette or tobacco or vaping a healthy item.
  10. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    But what is the goal of people bringing this forward now?

    And that's probably going to affect -- what, nicotine patches use?
  11. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    The only problem with nicotine is how addictive it is. Other than that it causes alm0ost zero health issues. It's tobacco that is the problem. Not even all tobacco actually, according to any modern study done on certain oral tobaccos. I myself love nicotine and am not sure I'll ever give it up, but I'll never touch another cigarette in my life since I quit.
  12. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    As the video pointed out, though, nicotine may not be the crucial one after all! After all, people don't get hooked, or if at all, rarely, on nicotine patches and nicotine gum. I used to smoke a lot of hookah 5 days a week. I'd feel the nicotine 'high.' However, I never felt a need for nicotine.
  13. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    As the video shows, it affects the vaping industry that has allowed many people to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. Many of them go on to quit vaping altogether as well. The issue at hand is that Big Tobacco is having a fuss about losing money and so safer, alternative uses are being stigmatized.
  14. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    How true. The tobacco companies certainly don't want people quitting and are comissioning research which is being used to scare people.
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  15. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    I never thought of nicotine being more dangerous than the other toxins. I always thought the emphasis was on it being a very addictive component in the toxins delivered by smoking. Even if this isn't the case I don't see at as being safe or healthy in any form. If alternatives help people quit all together that is a good thing but I still don't see them as being safe.
  16. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    They are! I can remember one study called out by the guy from Suck My Mod (on Youtube). They conducted the research under unusual conditions that would of course produce negative results. It's comparable to incorrectly building a vehicle or the like. If you don't build it properly then it isn't going to function properly and the outcome can prove detrimental.
  17. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    I think the issue at hand is finding something that is safer. Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative. Honestly, I don't think nicotine is low amounts is unsafe. It's even in our vegetables and tea. I think some of the other toxins found in cigarettes are more addicting than nicotine. Like the video pointed out, it was extremely difficult to get rats addicted to it if at all. This is why we don't commonly hear about nicotine gum or nicotine patch addictions.
  18. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Ok, if nicotine it's not a so big problem, then what to we do in order to not inhale the other toxins from the cigarette and only the nicotine? We'll the answer is simple, we simply quit, this doesn't changes the game so much neither the rules.
  19. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    Tons of people can't simply quit, though. That's why there are nicotine patches and gum yet those are ridiculously overpriced and seldom work for many. I think vaping is the best alternative. I regularly hear stories of people who successfully quit smoking cigarettes and lowering their nicotine level to nearly or exactly 0mg. Some even quit vaping altogether after doing so.