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Throwing Sober Parties During The Holidays

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by romananthonysmama, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. romananthonysmama

    romananthonysmama Active Contributor

    The holidays can be some of the hardest times to stay sober while in recovery. Most US holidays are surrounded with alcohol and many other things of the latter. It's often a triggering situation for those in treatment, and some often choose to not attend the gatherings at all. That's when I read about a really cool idea...Sober parties!

    Even though your family may already throw some parties during the holidays, it may be a good idea to throw your own sober holiday! Sure, some people may not be keen to the idea, but if you've acquired a certain number of sober friends throughout different programs where outside contact is considered conducive, then it may be a good idea to throw your own party! That way you do not have to feel left out during the holidays, and you still have some awesome events to look forward to! Has anyone ever tried throwing a sober party for the holidays?
  2. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    Not for the holidays but I do hold alcohol-free soccer parties at home when there's a big game on television. You don't need a beer to enjoy the match, especially if there's a whole bunch of you watching together. Plus, it's a great deal cheaper than going to a bar!
  3. KNH

    KNH Active Contributor

    I have never thrown a sober party but I think it's a good idea if it will help someone recover. I think if friends and family are supportive of one's recovery, they will understand the situation and not complain about there not being alcohol at a big event. I believe people can certainly have a lot of fun without alcohol even though many alcoholics that I know disagree with me.
  4. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I've never been to or thrown a sober party but I've had many sober activities with my friends so I imagine it should be fairly similar. It's probably best to have some sort of special activity planned to fill in for the small moments of being idle or bored which would be usually filled by having alcohol or any other substance at any other party.
  5. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    I think throwing a 'sober' party during the holidays can be a great way to keep yourself from celebrating with a beer or two. But supposing you don't have the money to throw such a party would it mean that you let yourself fall? I think as it has been suggested finding another fun activity to do with your family or friends could also work almost as well.
  6. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    No, I've never thrown a sober party for the holidays, or for any other time for that matter. I'm not much of a party thrower in the first place, so there's that. I don't want a bunch of people in my home, but I have had some small get-togethers.

    I feel that sober parties are fine if that is what you want to do. If a person thinks it's a good idea, then they should go for it if they can afford it, and invite like-minded people only, so that the party will go as smoothly as possible.
  7. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    My relatives would never go for a "sober party", especially around the holidays. But they would totally be down for some sober activities like:
    1. We have a christmas parade here
    2. Going driving to see all the christmas lights
    3. Giving everyone a $10 target giftcard and a "secret santa person" then you all go to target together and split up and exchange gifts at the end
    4. Anything "for the kids" like making/painting ornaments
    5. Et cetera...

    Basically if it's an "activity" , especially one they'll have to drive home from in a couple hours, then they're fine without alcohol. But we're Italian and if food is served, wine *must* be too.... Unfortunately...

    I just leave early and offer to make all the emergency runs for more eggnog/grenadine/soda/etc or go and play with "the kids" (I'm 25, the "kids" are like 10-15 year olds) when the wine floweth a little too freely.
  8. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I think sober parties are a great idea. The holidays can be tough on people who can't drink with all the celebrating that involves alcohol around them. It is not to say that one should not have to have the capability to practice their will power, but the holidays can effect people emotionally, which can cause a relapse. The fact that they are in surroundings where everyone drinks and they can't can create an emotional impact on ones' own ego and circumstances. Therefore, I think having sober parties and avoiding the others is a good thing. It is unfortunate for those whose relatives may not support the idea. You should not impose your practices on others either. Maybe just balance a few regular parties around sober parties with people who are going through what you are. That way you at least get the option to attend a few less of the difficult parties.
  9. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    This sounds like a super idea. None of the people I know who drink think they have a problem so it's not something I would even propose. Yet, it sounds like a wonderful idea which the casual drinkers might not likely enjoy. There are still a lot out there who like to drink thAt amount and stop. Narrowing it down to those close and those mentioned in the original post might be more practical.
  10. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    I forgot to mention one! "Just dropping by" for a while. If you think you can tolerate it, just go drop by for dinner or pop in for like an hour and a half, then claim you have another holiday party to make a appearance at. I do that all the time with friends' holiday parties. Most people know why I'm doing it and no one seems to care... I mean I keep getting invited, at least! ha ha
  11. Tournique

    Tournique Senior Contributor

    Sounds like a good idea. I would recommend non alcoholic beer for those events, maybe they can do more good than harm.