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time am I too late

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by MEA, May 7, 2017.

  1. MEA

    MEA Member

    I'm 48 years old grandmother mother and wife of 25years. I'm also an addict of amphetamine for over 20 years. I'm not in any debt never been in trouble with police in fact most people wouldn't believe I'm an addict. It's hard for me to. I don't get high never have done . just take amphetamine to get through my day .I have had many issues I haven't dealt with in my life .sex abuse rape twice. an horrific forced abortion. demestic violence mental abuse. And I just can't do it anymore . I have finally asked for help .But as I'm trying to get clean my mental health is getting worse .I keep being told I need to be clean before my issues can be addressed but as my amphetamine use is to mask my issues I can't do it like this .what do I do
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @MEA... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm so glad that you have finally asked for help. That's a courageous step and I'm proud of you for taking it.

    I happen to disagree with what you've been told about having to be clean before your mental health issues can be addressed. So many people who used drugs to self-medicate and feel "normal" have what they call co-occurring disorders. That means that in addition to the addiction, they also have mental health issues. Oftentimes, the self-medicating is a result of those mental health issues. I think most experts these days believe that in a patient with co-occurring disorders, BOTH problems--the addiction and the mental health issue--must be treated simultaneously. If they aren't, whichever problem isn't being treated will just get worse. I think that's what I see happening with you.

    My advice: Find an addiction specialist in your area and go see them. They can assess your individual situation and recommend the best next steps for you. Also, be sure to tell them that you also have mental health issues and want to get help from someone who specializes in dual-diagnosis patients. That is, in my opinion, the help that you need.

    We're here to support you however we can, so please don't hesitate to reach out anytime. In the meantime, I'm sending you positive, clean & sober vibes. And lots of hugs full of encouragement and hope.
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  3. MEA

    MEA Member

    I'm currently on a drug awareness course and our local life line course .which up to now involves filling in drug diary. I have had assessments from mind and healthy minds all agree I need help. But still unsure of which area to begin with. I have very low self esteem and confidence. due to many traumas in my life. I had never touched any drug till in my late 20. as a young mother with 2kids 2jobs and a husband who expected the house and kids clean and tea on the table every night .then I also had to look after my mum in law who was dieing of cancer. I took amphetamine to keep going when I was so tried I could hardly stand. nothing was good enough no matter how I tried .and I tried and tried. until I couldn't cope wit out the drugs. I have never taken anything else. ( ilegal drugs ) just amphetamine. But now I have finally asked for help. I feel people justo see me as a drug addict. After years of no one knowing I though it was the right thing to do but instead everything I have done pales to the back and I'm seen as just an addict .
  4. MEA

    MEA Member

    sorry for the essay I just feel lost and don't know which way to go .
  5. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @MEA... You need to find someone/someplace that will treat your addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. That, I believe, is the best way to go for you.
  6. MEA

    MEA Member

    thank you yes I will find someone
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  7. toolbelt_1

    toolbelt_1 Member

    @MEA I have been in the program for almost 22 years, not sober the entire time. The last time I went out I actually started seeing a therapist for issues that were being masked by the drugs. Your issues won't get better until you deal with them. However you have to be clean first. Your issues won't get better until face them, either within the program or like I did with a therapist. Just getting clean won't be the answer, it is only the first step. The issue isn't drugs, those are just a symptom of a much deeper issue...why you started using in the first place. Removing the drugs allows you to feel your feelings again. They say in the program that when you are in enough pain you will get help. It sounds like you are at that point, and have been for a long time.

    Take the first step (get clean) and work the 12 step program. If you thoroughly follow the path laid out in the program you will be successful. Success is measured one day at a time.
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  8. MEA

    MEA Member

    thank you. I can do this I will do this.
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