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Tobacco slowly becoming illegal?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by bluedressed, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    The writing is on the wall. All you smokers better take notice. The society is beginning to rise up and sooner than later,you will have little space for your irritating habits. Soon there will be no designated smoking places even in public spaces if the current situation is anything to go by. My question to you is, where will you turn to?
  2. Metalhead

    Metalhead Member

    The US creates 500 billion cigarettes every year. That means 25 billion packs @ a normal of $2.75 duty every pack, which approaches 68.8 BILLION! dollars in assessment income every year. That is an exceptionally moderate assessment.

    According to Wolfram Alpha, cost per cig pack in NYC is presently $14.00, while the expense to deliver and circulate a pack is said to be $3.50 across the nation. All that additional cash, less the $1.01federal duty, is set straightforwardly to both NY and NYC in a 50/50 cut.

    Remember, the government charge for cigarettes in the US is $1.01, regardless of where they are sold, while whatever is left of all the cash gathered goes specifically into each State coffer. Not going specifically into any medicinal services trust!

    There are progressive gauges, that 56% of the expense for cigarettes is duty monies. In the event that that is genuine, which I trust it is, then the Fed's and the States are taking in about $105,000,000,000 (billion) dollars 'every year'.

    And as long as money comes before public and health concerns, it won't become illegal.
  3. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    I honestly have no problem with cigarettes and tobacco being outlawed because I have never been particularly fond of those things. However, I think they should just stop selling factorized cigarettes and just sell straight tobacco and rolling papers. It's healthier, no chemicals and less addictive.
  4. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams Active Contributor

    Well, they'd also have fewer medical costs related to taking care of sick smokers and they'd no longer lose all the revenue generated by taxing smokers when they work instead of being sick and on a hospital bed. To be fair, I also think money should not really be the first thing law makers think when deciding smoking policies.
  5. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams Active Contributor

    I get what you mean, but if people wouldn't spend their cash on cigarettes they'd spend it something else, it's not like they'd tuck the money they spend on cigarettes now under the mattress and keep it there. I'm not sure the US is really exporting many cigarettes anyway.
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  6. rabst

    rabst Active Contributor

    Yes, it's a good thing. I often see an anti-smoking commercial describing the 75 toxic chemicals present in second-hand smoke---makes it sound like 'smoking anywhere near other people' would be like 'changing babies' diapers & leaving the old diapers lying wherever.' :confused::oops:o_O
  7. Mackmax

    Mackmax Active Contributor

    Alcohol is unhealthy, but if used properly and in moderation, you most likely will not develop any diseases or sicknesses from using it. There are many things that are extremely unhealthy for us. Juice is unhealthy. The high amount of sugars, sweeteners, and saturated fat can cause acne, obesity, high blood pressure, and perhaps diabetes, yet we still give it to our children. McDonald's is god awful, yet millions of people still eat it every day.
    I do agree that we do sometimes discriminate against tobacco users, but most of us blame tobacco companies, not tobacco users.
  8. 23arrow23

    23arrow23 Member

    I don't see this happening any time soon to be honest. Your example seems like an extreme case to me and where I am from smoking in bars, pubs and even some restaurants is still alive and well. Finally, I don't see this becoming a thing because there is just too much money to be made from taxes.
  9. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I do not smoke and I used to have asthma and so, it will be a great thing if no one will be allowed to smoke on public places. Those who like to smoke could smoke inside their houses/places/cars if they like too but not on public places where there are other people who might get sick or annoyed of their smoke.
  10. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    A fair point, although the amount of smokers ratio compared to people hospitalized by it is not really as great as they would have you believe. Sure, it would free up health costs to an extent but in the UK they are now not only complaining about hospital services being used up too much by drinkers and smokers who get ill as a result of their habits, but they are now also passing the blame on to people with unhealthy diets (and that's disregarding obesity and junk food diets).
  11. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    That's only in your country. But in most countries this rules don't apply and everyone just smokes on the street. Of course, if every country would adopt these rules there would be less teenagers who start smoking and also reduce the litter. But I don't think something will change too soon.
  12. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    Good point and I certainly hope so. I just hope they make it a chore for somebody to smoke so that the act of smoking for lazy guys like me requires a lot more effort than the enjoyment(?) it brings. I am all for such moves.
  13. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I don't know if it will ever become illegal, but the word is out on nicotene. The internet has made it possible to spread the real word of the dangers of smoking. The government is making too much money on tobacco. Will we see it go away completely? Nope.
  14. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    Agreed. A lot of laws like these are decided mostly for financial reasons instead of the well being of the citizens and I think it is naive that people would think of it as being otherwise. Also yeah I think this generation probably has more of a chance than any other generation to dodge getting addicted to cigarettes because of cultural evolution and also the new technology like electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.
  15. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    Tobacco would never be made illegal - besides the loss of tax revenue, there would be hundreds of thousands of job losses. If it was to be made illegal, governments would need to find some way of replacing this revenue and this will inevitably mean tax increased on most things.
  16. timelord731

    timelord731 Senior Contributor

    I highly doubt it will become illegal anytime soon. The tobacco industry is just too big and they have lobbyist that are too good.
  17. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I am a smoker, and I think it's really stupid to try to stop smoking in some places. If I had a place of business like a bar. I'd have an area for smokers to be able to smoke, and enjoy themselves. As long as it's outside, and the smoker isn't throwing butts on the ground I don't see a problem.
  18. Janie

    Janie Active Contributor

    I don't agree that smoking is the same as alcohol. When you smoke, your smoke travels and is inhaled by other people. I think that's a problem and that's why they are outlawing it in so many situations. I am all for it too, I feel smokers can smoke if they want, but I feel I shouldn't have to inhale any of it.

    I quit smoking 10 years ago and live in an area now where hardly anyone smokes. But I have had a few instances where I walked past a person smoking and inhaled their smoke. In one instance, I just felt violated. I felt like why did I have to inhale something which was a moment ago inside their lungs. It was gross. Then in the second instance, I just felt the urge like I wanted to inhale my own cigarette. I was probably more stressed at the time and cigarettes always had helped me calm down.

    So anyways, yes I agree that smoking anywhere where another person could be affected by your smoke should be illegal.
  19. drc52

    drc52 Active Contributor

    What are some of the benefits you are experiencing? I'm trying to quit myself but can't find anything positive about this yet. Contrary to your opinion I actually had someone ask me to smoke next to them a few weeks ago, she said she didn't smoke but enjoyed the smell, weird right?