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Trying to taper off meth with prescribed Adderall

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by Lost_n_HI, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Lost_n_HI

    Lost_n_HI Member

    So I smoke meth daily but I'm not getting high. I'm not sure why exactly I keep using but I do. I guess it's just the addiction I guess. But I was prescribed adderall by my new Dr last month and I've been taking them but also using along with them. Now though I'm really not feeling anything from either of them. Wondering if its my tolerance or if its the quality of the stuff I've been getting for the last month or so. I tried the adderall yesterday to try to calm my cravings and it worked. I just don't want to have to take a lot to have the adderall work. I'm personally over smoking ice and just want to get on a daily prescription regimen like I was last year. Only problem is that the last treatment center I was in for IOP wouldn't let me take any stimulant meds.

    So in conclusion, does anyone know if adderall will help me taper off meth by easing my cravings during the day? Or would it possibly increase my urge to use ice?
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Lost_n_HI... Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question. Have you considered seeking out an addiction specialist and asking them? That's what I would suggest.
  3. Lost_n_HI

    Lost_n_HI Member

    Oh yeah I've been to treatment before but currently I don't want treatment. I don't really see any reason to go to treatment personally. Not yet at least. I know that I'm facing treatment and jail eventually for my probation violations. So I'm just riding this train out until then.

    But I'd really like to stop smoking if it's not doing anything to me. Idk if its my tolerance or the dope. Enjoy your day
  4. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    I wasn't talking about going to treatment. Just seeing an addiction specialist--a doctor who is well-educated in addiction medicine--and asking his/her opinion on your problem.
  5. Lost_n_HI

    Lost_n_HI Member

    Yeah that's definitely on the list of ideas. But the way I look at it asking others who have possibly tried the same method or have a similar experience would be a lot more helpful than a textbook professional who has limited amount of information they are allowed to give. Basically give me the same info I could comb the web and find out on my own.

    But I do appreciate your reply and your concern for my situation.
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  6. Lost_n_HI

    Lost_n_HI Member

    I'm on probation and kinda avoiding it until I'm faced with it and have no way to avoid it. And my addict logic simply summed it up. Staying high is an absolute must. My new, daddy/husband part of me says ok but only do it responsibly. Pay off bills for family, spend same or more time at home with my girls and when I can then I smoke out the bathroom and get as high as I can until I go to work. Unfortunately it hasn't been like that for about a month. I've been staying up chongin out my bathroom until I have to get ready for work. I just haven't been getting high. Really at all I don't think. But for some reason the addict in me which is the largest portion of my inner-self I feel, keeps being optimistic thinking it's just the dope and the next pack I pick up will do it for me. But that's been like I said like a month so far.

    I literally nod out throughout the night that I chill in the bathroom, straight up struggling to keep smoking and to feel something but I'm as sober as a church nun. So I've been really trying to convince myself that it's just time to stop this crap and stop running from my bigger problem and get this **** handled and done with already so I can get back home and work and be more than a very functional addict. I'll be a functioning husband, father, son and get back to being the easy working winner I was when I got hired. Right now I'm makings me and my wife look fuckin stupid. She's the boss over everything, directly below the founder and partners of our job and that's the main reason I'm still employed there. My sales are really good when they come in. But I'm super aware of myself so I definitely see the difference in my work even if there's barely any actual change in me personally in other aspects in my life that's the direct effect of my using. The only thing that's at risk other than my freedoms. But that's just the inevitable. With work all I need to do is prioritize my **** and get it together. Once I do that I'll be fine with work situation. My stressor that rings in my head which is basically my reasoning battling against the addict, has me thinking if I quit smoking then I'll want to face my probation violations on my own rather than until wheels stop rolling. And as I mentioned earlier in this venting novel was that the addict in me is definitely the more majority and dominant force that does the thinkin. Well does more of the actions that I've been doing lately.

    But from who knows other than the Lord what I may do or what may happen that'll change it all for me in an instant.
    Gracias for taking time to read and absorb some of my conflicting thoughts I have. Feel free to comment whatever. I'm stubborn as hell and already know the best thing to already just haven't man up and acted on it yet
  7. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Lost_n_HI... With a wife and kids in the picture, I think quitting meth sooner rather than later would be a great thing. Even using "responsibly" isn't a good idea when other loved ones are in the picture. Yes, you may be "functioning," but even so, smoking meth isn't exactly the best thing for a husband and father to be doing. I don't want to sound harsh, but that's just the truth.

    I also think you're underestimating the ability of an addiction specialist to help you. These doctors are certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and have undergone extensive training specifically in the field of addiction. They know their sh*t. If you're interested in finding a doctor, they have a "Find a Doctor" tool on their website. I took the liberty of plugging "Hawaii" into the search tool and it turned up quite a few results. Here's the link to those doctors:

    American Board of Addiction Medicine Certified Doctors in Hawaii

    I wish you the best of luck, my friend. You can quit meth. I know you can. And your world will be better because of it.
  8. Lost_n_HI

    Lost_n_HI Member

    Thanks for the site info and the support my friend. I will take heed to your advice. I am aware that the control I think I have or have actually had isn't gonna last. You can't do a highly addictive drug with horrific side effects and unbias and non-discriminating negative impact on any and everyone's life who think they can use ice on a regular and keep their life intact. Especially with a family.

    But as for me right now. I'm already anticipating negative outcome sometime in the future with or without using. So I think that even though quitting would still be a win win situation. It's not going 5
    to change the fact of my inevitable fate will stop me anyways. My wife and I have talked briefly about it. She let me know how she feels and her true thoughts and I shared mine. I basically told her the same **** I told you. I'm going away anyways. There's no way I can get in and start any treatment center right now because of the **** I'm in. At least not until after. As for the assessment thing. I understand where you're coming from in the description of the board certified counselors and all. But I don't need an assessment to know the severity of my progressing addiction. I know treatment is my best bet as well as quitting now on my own while I'm still able to do so with limited repair needed, while I still have the money for my family and without possibly picking up any new charges from it. I know these things and they all make sense. That's the worse part because in my head I full heartedly know that I'm not quitting on my own before I have no other choice. I know that it would definitely have be my best decision to give it up and handle my **** that I'm currently in and get that out of the way sooner than later. But it's just not going to happen now nor in the future. Not unless I literally couldn't continue doing it while I'm free. I'm going to continue using it. Not turning myself in by any chance whatsoever.

    Maybe I shouldn't be on this site because of my continued use and inability to be helped at all right now due to my stubbornness.

    But for what it's worth I do wanna thank you for all of your comforting and supportive words for me. I wish you well and many blessings to come my friend.

  9. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @Lost_n_HI... An addiction specialist can also help you by providing medication assisted treatment assist you in quitting your addiction. Just saying. If I were you I'd talk to one and see what they have to offer. What have you got to lose?
  10. zanigirl

    zanigirl Member

    From what I have read about meth it is true that tolerance happens. Most articles are clear that tolerance builds fast with this drug. I have only tried it a few times, and I didn't like it because one hit kept me up for 2 nights. I smoked it with regular users and I couldn't believe how much they went trough. They did giant hits and the room was filled with smoke and then one of them actually took a nap! I would taper off if I were you, and then it will work if you do small amounts every once in a while.
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