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Unsure how to help my little brother

Discussion in 'Helping an Addicted Loved One' started by Hkn221, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Hkn221

    Hkn221 Member

    My [23] brother [15] I knew had been smoking weed and he was caught at home trying acid. But tonight he was telling me about all the different things he’s tried the main one being dxm or dextromethorphan. He told me he could tell he was beginning to crave it and so stopped using it, but plans on doing it again after about 2 months so that he can tell he’s in control. He’s researched most drugs and has a fascination with them so when I try to be logical with him about the negative effects he counters with the knowledge of how to “be safe” while abusing dxm. I’m worried this is turning into a bigger problem than he realized and would appreciate any advice on how to approach this without him loosing my trust.
  2. Ezerie

    Ezerie Member

    I have a friend who had similar issues,his own was even worse than your brothers so I introduce him to a doctor who helped him and today he had overcome and even trying to reach out to people to help them, you can contact the doctor on this number
    877-721-0704Online,if you don't want him to loose trust in you, you should first contact the doctor and explain the situation of your brother to him, you can contact him only on Monday and Fridays