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Unusual Symptoms Following MDMA usage - help?

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by adumbral, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. adumbral

    adumbral Member

    Hi there. New poster here.

    Some background - I used to use MDMA regularly, pretty high doses, fairly often (too often), along with a range of other stimulants, for a period of 5 years. During the last two years have only used MDMA sporadically, maybe once or twice. and I have in that period recovered from cocaine addiction. As of last weekend, I was five months free of any drug other than weed or alcohol. also - not sure if relevant, but I take the supplements Magnesium L-Threonate, and Ashwagandha, daily. I have stopped taking them for a few days as I was worried that the issues i'm having may be related to some kind of interaction between the two - i've read that Ashwagandha has some effect on neurotransmitters but I don't fully understand what that is.

    This brings me to last weekend. Long story short, ended up at a party, ingesting two (and a half) bombs of MDMA, insufflating a small amount (un-crushed, not sure if that's relevant) probably 0.3-0.5g in total over the course of 6-7 hours. A fair amount, but not extreme in comparison, to what I would previously take. Fast forward to Monday morning.

    Have experienced the usual comedown symptoms, which I am fully acquainted with and not surprised by - depression, fatigue etc. But on top of these, I have felt extremely disoriented and overheated, with a head-swimming type feeling i've not experienced before. I've felt subtly nauseous, not enough to fully throw up, and my stomach has felt 'off', with an odd metallic taste in my mouth. And worst of all, I've been having intense headaches, the likes of which I have not felt before. From online research it seems that they are 'tension headaches' - it feels as if the skin on my scalp is stretched super tight, with pain radiating around my head, from my temples to the top of my skull. It's an odd pain, not like anything I've felt before, and it's making me feel extremely disoriented and somewhat nauseous. It's not sharp and disabling like a migraine, but is quite intense, very uncomfortable and almost constant.

    I know you guys aren't doctors, and I'm not here asking for medical advice, but maybe if anyone has any ideas or thoughts as to what's happened here it would help me understand. I know what a comedown feels like, this feels entirely different, but it was brought on by the MDMA nonetheless. I told myself I'd wait and see if it goes away, it's been over a week now and I'm more than a little worried i've done some kind of damage that may not pass. Needless to say I am a little freaked out. Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @adumbral... Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear about the symptoms you're enduring. Unfortunately, you're right: We aren't doctors. And I have no first-hand experience with MDMA or the comedowns associated with that drug. My best advice? Find an addiction specialist in your area and consult with them.

    I wish I could be of more help. Maybe someone with direct experience in this area will weigh in. In the meantime, I'm sending healing energy your way. I hope you feel better soon.
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  3. Liola

    Liola Senior Contributor

    Hi and Welcome Adumbral!

    I am an addict and this site has really saved me! Not so much on the medical advise as I came on here too with withdrawal questions about different drugs I was coming off of but as far as the instant and sincere caring almost 24/7...I don't think I would have followed through with my desire to get and stay clean without these people. So even if we don't have the answers you are looking for you will hopefully get other things you need and may not even know you need here.

    I believe that addiction is a disease. I believe in the Narcotics Anonymous text and program that tells us (along with the medical community) that this is a disease that is progressive. Maybe your withdrawal is from the MDMA and Cocaine even though it has been awhile. As I got older and my disease progressed even when i switched drugs or did more of one than another my recovery got harder and harder and I experienced and still am experiencing symptoms I never did before. The drugs are getting dangerous out there. You don't know what they are laced with or cut with even if you are getting it from the same source as before. I know this from my own experience.
    4 months later after detox and doing drugs right when I got home from detox I still have bad headaches some nights lasting until I have some caffeine in the morning along with anvil or excederin and suffer from waves of heat "envelopment" from the outside onto me...not heat like having a fever if you can imagine. Very strange and very uncomfortable and I haven't met anyone else that got that from oxy and cocaine and soma.
    But really it doesn't matter what drug it is I don't think and this is just my opinion. The point is I got tons of blood work done as I don't have a thyroid and thought maybe that medicine needed adjusting, or perimenopausal or this or that and there is nothing wrong (thankfully) with me other than I have been doing drugs in one form or another most of my life and now I am not.

    Give it time and some good sleep and some good nutrition and exercise and have patience...assuming you also do get medically checked out. I found being honest with a doctor and then getting the tests is best. Possibly you can find an addictionologist who is an MD to go to.

    The other thing I will go out on a limb and say is that I know I can't drink or do any drugs including marijuana if I want to be clean and stay off all other drugs. First of all back to Narcotics Anonymous, alcohol is a drug. It is just legal and liquid. And for me the gateway drug is least it was the first drug I did as a kid leading next to Cocaine. But in NA they don't think it is important what you did or how much you is more of what the drug does to you that makes you an addict or not.

    Have you considered getting clean and doing it in a 12 step program? or another support program?

    I am not trying to convert you. We are all here for anyone who struggles or asks for support in any area to do with the forum topics but there is a lot like I started out saying that you might not have known is out there for support and in here for support. I had no idea what NA was like until I went and I can tell you I know I belong there when I sit in a meeting and hear my story and feelings and questions over and over by people I never thought I would have anything in common with. It is an amazing experience I hope you would consider.
    In the meantime we are here.
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  4. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener


    Hello and welcome to the Forum. I think the others have given some excellent advice and insight. I don't know the answers to your questions, but I do think that cutting out all drugs for right now can be valuable. Sounds as if it's necessary. I'm all into herbs, but you're right in that they can interact with each other and it's wise to have a naturopath path doctor to get advice on all that.

    Give your body some time to detox from everything. The body is very resilient and smart, and believe it or not it wants to heal. Do what you can to support that by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    And I also am a firm advocate for 12 step support groups. I know they're not for everyone and I know they're not perfect, but they have helped many thousands of people get and stay clean. Having that face-to-face support from people who have walked in similar shoes can be so therapeutic. It's something to think about.

    We will be here for you no matter what! Hope to keep seeing you around!
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  5. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @adumbral... Just wondering how you're doing. If you get a chance, stop by and let us know how things are. We care.

    @Liola... Thanks for that amazing post. I'm grateful for the progress you've made and for your willingness to help others. So glad you're a part of our community!
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  6. adumbral

    adumbral Member

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful and kind responses. My headaches are maybe slightly better, now a week later, but the intense tension all over my scalp is still there, along with unexplained stomach issues. Unfortunately I also think I am falling into a kind of depersonalised/depressed state.. I felt this way for many months/years while I was using regularly so it's unsurprising that it has returned. But with it always comes the fear that it won't subside, and that I won't ever feel my usual self again. Especially with MDMA - knowing how seriously it affects the brain chemistry. I'm just trying to remain positive and hope that I return to how I felt before this incident. The saddest thing is that I felt I had finally reached a place of calm and happiness, for the first time in so long - until this happened. Now I simply don't know how long it'll take to return to my baseline.

    @deanokat - thanks so much for your caring words and healing energy.

    @Liola - thank you for sharing your story with me. i'm grateful for your support and your understanding. i have briefly attended CA meetings in the past, it helped me get out of a very bad place. if i'm honest, before this most recent relapse happened i was actually in a great state of mind, felt happy, energized, balanced, and i was drinking moderately but it wasn't presenting an issue to me. personally my issues have always been with stimulant drugs, i've never found drinking to be addictive. but i agree that maybe going totally clean for a while would help me recover from this most recent episode.. thanks for your advice.

    @Dominica - thank you for your kindness and advice. i am reconsidering heading back to a 12 step program in my town just to speak with some people who understand.
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  7. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    Yes uncrushed matters a LOT!
    I was gone for a while I'm sorry I missed your post. MDMA-most folks know as Molly, is being cut now with fentanyl. So is cocaine. I bet that you were able to do such a large (to most people) amount of this drug because you noticed there was a slight difference in the consistency of the mdma. If it was pure MDMA, you know you would have had to alter its form to put that much up your nose. So that right there tells me something was in it.
    Lots of folks dying right now from the fentanyl being introduced into coke and Molly and ex just to make it more addictive.
    I'm a recovering heroin addict. I bet money I would not be experiencing a new type of comedown if I had done that.
    Reason being....I'm used to the opioid crash. And that my friend sounds exactly like what you are describing.
    Stop now. I'm telling you fentanyl is making its way into every drug out there to make it more addictive. Especially uppers. Sounds like a contradiction, but that's the thing, they can put more in because you got a stimulant to keep you from OD'ing.
    I used to speed ball. That was my thing. When they started putting fentanyl into coke though I had to test drive the coke before I mixed a shot because I could have killed myself if I speedballed a laced mix. (Speed ball =cocaine and heroin in same shot. Usually overdose amounts of both but you get away with it because they counter each other).
    So I'm lucky I got out when I did going on a year and a half clean. Look out for

    I'm not even gonna finish what I was going to say. This is the wisest thing. Don't do drugs anymore period,
    They were fun and deadly years ago.
    They are fun (only while high, then there's hell to pay) and mostly deadly now. You can't buy cocaine and expect cocaine. You can't buy heroin and expect heroin. You can't buy MDMA and expect Molly.
    I had a friend who was allergic to codeine. He's dead now from smoking meth....
    I hope that makes my point. He didn't get just meth.

    As a side note I said drugs were fun because they are. I heard so many bad things about drugs from my grandparents. And they were all true. They also told me drugs were no fun. So when I tried my first drug I thought They were not telling me the truth about the rest of it either because they didn't want me to do it.
    A good way to get a kid to not believe you about drugs and alcohol is by saying they are not fun. IMO
    I know that has nothing to do with your question just wanted to explain why I said that.
    If you read this though and are still having a problem and haven't been using. Go to a doctor. Something is seriously wrong.
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  8. azazello

    azazello Member

    Try marijuana
  9. teslastar

    teslastar Member

    Hmm... Maybe you should try something easier. I was a cocaine addict for about three years and then I stopped using cocaine and started using marijuana occasionally. And it's good that marijuana can now be bought online. Of course, this isn't for a long time, because I plan to stop using drugs at all. But it's good to use some soft drugs instead of hard ones. Even if the implication that marijuana is a soft or relatively harmless drug is being increasingly questioned. The terms are mostly used for dramatic effect and to get across the speaker's perceptions about the relative harmfulness of one drug compared to another.
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