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Update: April 11, 2015 - A Few Changes to the Site, Fighting Spam, Etc.

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by Joseph, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Hello to all of the wonderful members of this community who have made it a worthwhile and positive resource for many coming here seeking help and support. There is truly an amazing community of people here and the conversations taking place here are inspiring to say the least. First and foremost, thank you to all who have contributed to the cause of helping others in their struggle against substance abuse or who have had the courage and bravery to share your story here. You are all truly amazing people!

    We've made a few slight organizational changes to consolidate some of the forums and simplify the visitor experience a bit. We're hoping this makes it easier to find things and keep things in order.

    We're also on a mission to eradicate the annoying spam that has popped up on occasion in the community. We're asking for your help in combating spam by clicking the "Report" link beneath any post that resembles spam in any way. These are usually fairly obvious--someone trying to peddle their vitamins, cell phones or other junk, and these usually have a link at the bottom. Whatever you do please do not ever click on an link in any post unless you fully trust the poster. Simply click on the "Report" link and we will do the rest, which essentially means deleting the post, banning the poster and reporting them to several anti-spam databases.

    Also, we are looking for a few more volunteers to become "Community Listeners." Our Listeners are members who are here generally to provide support and encouragement to those who arrive looking for a listening ear. There is no obligation or time commitment and your member status will be updated with the title Community Listener, so others know that you are part of our community support team. Many of you are already playing this role and we'd love to add you to our Community Listener team. Please go here for more information or contact me directly if you have any questions.

    Again, thank you for making this community a positive and trustworthy place for those struggling with various addiction-related issues.

    In happiness and good health...

    Community Organizer
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Thread Status:
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