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Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by JoshPosh, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    People that I know that were chronic smokers are now switching to vapor. Now the interesting part is that these people are now saying they feels better, and claim that it's not as harmful as cigarettes. Is that true? Can vaping be used to ease off of smoking? It sure sounds like it from the people I spoke to.
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  2. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    For my wife the answer is yes. Her vapor store started her out on nicotine that matched her cigs. She's lowered that level several times and will possibly go to zero nicotine soon and maybe lay down the vaporizer. She can breath better, she can talk better, she does not cough, has more energy, she has started exercising again, she smells better and has saved almost 250 bucks a month or more from not smoking.

    There was a point a few weeks into "Vaping" that she coughed lightly quite a bit. Almost like a cough, clearing of the throat. According to the Vapor store this was actually a point where her lungs were starting to recover from smoking!! That cough went away in about two weeks and this was something they warned her would happen and too not be alarmed.
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  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    Vaping is a very effective stop smoking aid, although it's not as safe as advocates would like you to believe. Relatively little research has been done on these devices, and some devices will deliver a hefty amount of nicotine to users, just like cigarettes. Carcinogens aren't completely out of play here, either. I would definitely use a vape pen or e-cigarette to stop smoking, but I'd try to kick that new habit ASAP afterwards.
  4. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I've heard mixed opinions about this and I have to agree with AFKATafcar, it doesn't seem as though enough research has really been done in order to say whether for certain it is significantly less harmful or not.
  5. Missie1709

    Missie1709 Member

    I've been curious about this also. I have been a smoker for over 20 years and have been wanting to try the ecig. I honestly have been afraid to try it because there hasn't been much research on it. I have tried to quit but have been unsuccessful on all occasions.
  6. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    I feel like it is indeed much safer, but it still carries a stigma. I had a part-time job working as an assistant in a badminton centre. A person walked in with an e-cigarrette. My manager stopped him, but after he and I explained that it's just vapour, my manager allowed it for now. I feel like the public needs to be more educated about vaping before policies are made.
  7. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    I smoked for 17 years and used an e-cig to quit. I've been off cigarettes for two years now. I can barely even stand the small of cigarette smoke anymore. The first few weeks are tough even though you have the nicotine you are still withdrawing from the other chemicals but an e-cig will help the transition.
    I believe it is safer but they haven't been around for very long so it's hard to say what the long term effects will be.
  8. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    My husband has been smoking since he was seven years old. He was...34 when he switched to vaping and he hasn't touched a cigarette since. He used to have trouble gaining weight while he smoked, but since he switched he has been gaining weight and his taste buds back. I have vaped myself, even though I never smoked, and I find it to be a safe stress reliever. I vape the nicotine free juice so it's just the juice and the flavoring that I love. I highly recommend it.
  9. Vaporizer pen (aka e-hookahs) are a way to curb your craving for a cigarette. There are however some issue with the nicotine that is used in some of the vap juices. Scientists in France concluded that the carcinogens that result in the vaporized nicotine present a similar issue to traditional cigs. They do on the other hand produce vapor juices that do not contain any nicotine at all. The use of these nicotine-free juices will surely be a safe alternative to the ills of smoking.
  10. Gin0710

    Gin0710 Active Contributor

    Yes and many people use vape cigarettes to curb their need for nicotine. My husband has reduced his percentage of nicotine since he started vaping in order to not depend on nicotine anymore.
  11. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    That's what I did. I started with a lot of nicotine (18-24) and now I am down to 3mg which is practically nothing. At this point it's more about the action of smoking than the nicotine. I could probably stop without physical withdrawal.
  12. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    Just for anyone that doesn't know, the UK government are also planning on banning the use of e-cigs in public. I can't see why myself but there we go.
  13. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    I saw that the vapor cigarettes. It is hard to say if this is good or not. I mean cigarettes were this great thing when they first came out with it. Everyone thought it was so great. It was actually toxic poison. I would have to see the ingredients in this and research it. Some people smoke different legal herbs. I don't think any kind of smoke going into the lungs is good. An herbal vapor, maybe its ok.
  14. RoseK

    RoseK Active Contributor

    I'm on the fence on this issue. My fiance vapes in lieu of dipping, cigarettes and past drug addictions. On one hand, his nicotine levels have drastically reduced and it doesn't affect my sinuses. But he is now fascinated with the combination of different flavors and has a little lab set up in our bedroom lol...he's been spending money on the juices hoping to make his own concotions.
  15. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    Perhaps it was the kind of vaping I did, but I found it to be more harsh than smoking actual cigarettes. It hurt my lungs and throat so I ended up going back to actual cigarettes . If it helps you quit the nicotine addiction though, I say go for it. The only thing that you still have to conquer is that actual physical smoking.
  16. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I replaced cigarettes with ecigs on the 1st of the month and so far, so good. I've found that vaping is a great substitute for smoking - OK, it does not replicate it exactly but I haven't craved a real cig since I started. I am starting to feel the benefits of not smoking already and I wish I'd started vaping sooner. I would recommend it to any smoker who wants to quit
  17. RoseK

    RoseK Active Contributor

    I agree that vaping can be an effective step towards the end stop smoking. But how do you use it as a step instead of a substitution to a current addiction?
  18. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I am glad that vaping is helping so many people put down the actual cigarettes. It is better for the environment and the health of others around you. At least people are not having to inhale your second hand smoke. I always felt bad about that when I smoked and tried not to do it within immediate breathing space of someone else.
  19. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    I am glad to see so many good reviews about e-cigs. I am from India and would like to try it out. Could you pls suggest a good brand of e-cigs so that I can buy it. Does it need a doctors advice (I am seeing that nicotine content has to be measured and stuff like that so does that mean I need a doctor to decide how to use it?)
  20. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    A lot of my friends have been able to quit smoking cigarettes because of vaping. I've tried it myself and I can see how it does help because it really is satisfying in a way that you wouldn't feel as if your sacrificing too much. It's really a worthy substitute and from what I can tell from personal experience as well as my friend's testimonials, it does feel much better to switch to it.