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Wanting to smoke?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by Lucy, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. dreeklass

    dreeklass Member

    When I was a child, I never submitted to peer pressure. Some of my friends thought that they were so rebellious when they wee smoking, and they would offer me smokes and I would say no. Not only because I didn't want to. But because it was my very own true act of rebellion lol. There were a few times when I tried it from my older sister, just because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. I immediately coughed and was disgusted. I couldn't believe that people were so taken with what I had experienced. The experience was disgusting to me.

    At age twenty, I tried it again. This time Marijuana. It was just a recreational thing. A fun thing that I could combine with watching my favorite TV shows, or something that I could combine with my music making or writing. Now I am twenty-four, and I am not addicted to Marijuana, but I would definitely prefer to have it. I find with me that if I have my nicotine, I can go the whole day without smoking it. But the moment that I run out of it, I feel like I have nothing to fall back on, and I have to run out and purchase some.
  2. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    Upbringing is so important, especially that we live in a very busy world with a lot of offering for entertainment, vices, and temptation. During my youth, I was a troubled kid. I was aloof and idealistic, and all the more refrained from curiosity in trying things because I was so afraid of the consequences. Now, as I recalled those times and I am kind of grateful, that although I lost my youth I did not lose my morality entirely.
  3. dreeklass

    dreeklass Member

    I think that you have a very valid point. However, I can only go off of my own experiences. I didn't have a terrible upbringing - at least, I don't think - and I didn't have an outstanding one. But I have always had my own mind. If I have ever wanted to do something, or not do it, it was because I wanted to do it or not do it.

    My older sister on the other hand began to smoke much earlier than me, and I could never really understand what the fascination was. Then she began to smoke Marijuana. And when life got crappy, to the point where I couldn't really take it anymore. that is when I began to smoke, and I have been smoking ever since. Life has not improved lol.
  4. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    This would be very essential to people your kind because, you have the sense of instinctive control. However, not all people have the same tolerance as you do, and even when they did, such as what happened to you, there would be strong influences (your sister, in this case, persuading you to go deeper the odds). But I will tell you one secret, things will fall into places as soon as you get your mind onto the right reasons.
  5. Clair

    Clair Member

    I have had urges to smoke but only because my husband seems so relaxed when he smokes. I guess I'm so stressed sometimes that it does cross my mind; then I go back to when I used to work on the medical floor at the hospital and I remember alot of my patients dying from lung cancer and still asking to smoke. I really think twice before jumping to smoke, I am also helping my husband quit slowly but surely.
  6. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    If you have never smoke before, do not start now. You have a couple cigarettes just to see what it is like and eventually you will be addicted to the nicotine and will be unable to quit. Just enjoy the fact that you are not a smoker.
  7. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    Just don't start smoking in any form. I was smoking without inhaling for a long time (about a year) before I actually started inhaling. I had also used a bit of marijuana but had no trouble kicking it or controlling it but smoking is something I am not able to quit at all. Think about some fad since smoking is no longer cool anyways these days, not like when I started..
  8. primalclaws1974

    primalclaws1974 Senior Contributor

    This is not as weird as some people may think. I have been adamant about not smoking my whole life, and critical of people that do, but I have had dreams of smoking, and even have thought from time to time what it would be like (having never tried it before). I don't think it is a powerful urge on my part, and I probably will never actually try it. I would recommend not trying it, as it is possible it wouldn't take much to get addicted. Be strong!
  9. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    PLEASE don't. Honestly, if I could go back and talk to my 13 year old self I would. Starting smoking is the biggest regret I have in my life. It really isn't worth the cost to your health, your looks or your wallet.
  10. musicmonster

    musicmonster Senior Contributor

    The propensity for addiction differs to each individual. You will never know but I wouldn't recommend it. Most if not all who tried it just once ended up smoking for the rest of their lives. It would be hard to quit.