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What AreYou Saving For

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by 6up, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    I started saving so that I can buy a new car. That made me to reduce from taking 5 bottles of beers daily to 2 bottles.
  2. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I am saving money for the future, and also for travelling. As much as possible, I want to explore every corner of the world, but for now, I just want to go to different places here in my country since I am not that rich yet. ;)
  3. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    For me quitting wasn't about saving money. It was more about salvaging what hadn't been lost already. The addiction had cost me jobs, and lots of opportunities which would have made me a lot of money. It got to a point where I had to make tough choices. Cling to the addiction and sink or let go [and live]. I chose to fight the addiction. So technically quitting helped preserve my sanity and keeping my hands of drugs assures me that the misery drugs cause me won't drive me crazy.
  4. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    Money was only a small factor when I gave up drinking and smoking. For me it was all about survival. I knew that I wouldn't make it for much longer if I didn't radically change my life. The fact that I suddenly had more money available, as I wasn't spending it on booze and tobacco anymore, was a welcome bonus. But I couldn't save any of that money. I had to invest it in natural therapies and nutritional supplements in order to re-balance my severely affected health.
  5. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I'm not really in a position to save any money right now but I remember feeling especially rich when I quit. I suddenly had so much money to spend and I used it on repaying my mortgage early.
  6. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    At least you have a goal and you are cutting back to save up. That's one way to cut back. But you should start thinking in terms of stopping all together and saving a whole lot more. $10 usd a day does at up, and that could possibly add up to a monthly car payment. Just factor in the gas money spend getting to and from the liquor store and local pub.
  7. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

    Never thought of saving as a good way to cut alcohol intake off, but certainly might do the trick.

    I remember myself being literally broke while in the early recovery days, and still struggling with alcohol cravings that used to put me in a dilemma situation; do I buy a bottle of wine or a bag of fresh bread?

    Probably I would chose the bottle, but happens that by this time my whole family suffered a financial slap that made food at home scarce. So it was not longer just about my own satisfaction but knowing that such bag of bread would mitigate my family's hunger, hence privileging it.

    But with a goal in mind, something that is a cherished dreams, things go on smoothly.
    Congrats @6up for this!
  8. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    I'm doing this challenge at the moment which has given me a lot of motivation:
    But, there's a twist: I triple the ammount that I should supposedly save just to show myself that I can do something good. So, when week 52 comes around I'm going to save up $156.00. I recommend you try it.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2015
  9. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    This is funny to cut down to 2 beers to save for a car. is good to save for security. Money is an empty security though. All the money in the world is really not everything. I've met only very few people that have a lot of money who are evolved as a person. Good, honest, full of life, and all of this. Some are just so emotionally bankrupt but have a ton of money or make a ton. I've stopped feeling sorry for them because their reality is that they worship money and they've failed themselves in so many ways.
  10. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I've heard a lot of people saying great things about this challenge - I think perhaps at the start of next year I'll do it, as a bit of a resolution. I guess I could start now but I like the idea of starting it afresh in the new year so I can track it better!

    I feel like it seems achievable which for me is a big thing when setting savings goals. I don't like setting myself any silly goals that I don't think I could ever reach, but this definitely seems do-able.
  11. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I'm also saving for my future, since my goal is to be financially comfortable. I used to smoke weed and cigarettes, but now not anymore, and my pocket is happier.
  12. Rex

    Rex Community Champion

    HAHAHAHA i actually love this thread. I am currently saving for the down payment on my first apartment. That is a big investment, let me tell you. But it is the start of me getting back on track
  13. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    We are going on a family road trip at the end of the month through a few different states so we can see some of the sights. It doesn't sound like much but the costs do add up, but we have a little "travel budget" saved. It's one thing we always like to put something aside for.
  14. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    I'm saving for a new mountain bike. I've decided to start cycling again, as there is nothing more pleasant than riding my bike through the forest at night! I'm not sure if I could get it until winter, but in summer 2016 I'll surely have it!
  15. MoneyFiend

    MoneyFiend Member

    I have two seperate savings piles I am steadily growing. I wish to buy a new car with one pile and with the other I am going to use to purchase stocks. Investing surely is a better move than buying a car but I am expecting to buy a car and once I have fulfilled the desire to own a fast car I will sell it and put it towards a mortgage.
  16. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    At the momoment I'm saving for the deposit on a new apartment, one that's closer to the city. I'm doing that more for my peace of mind than anything else, as where I live now I associate with my drink and drug abuse.

    While I've managed to quit both, the last step is to get out of this area, so that's a massive motivation for me, and you could call it a last step for me to start a new life.
  17. MoneyFiend

    MoneyFiend Member

    I have never seen this challenge before but instantly I am a huge fan. Am definitely going to give this one a try!
  18. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    If you have the funds then definitely do it! Also, you probably noticed that at the end of the year you're going to spend a lot of money so if you want to also afford some Christmas gifts you could put away 27$ weekly all year. It's the same thing.
  19. apple2go

    apple2go Member

    I am saving to invest money in the stock market! When I was about 12 years old, I was in a Tim Hortons with my dad and he started to explain to me what shares were and how, if you owned a share or many shares in a company, you basically owned part of the company. This fascinated me! I decided that I wanted to start to invest in the stock market and own parts of companies! So for my 12th birthday I asked for money to invest into the stock market! Every year since then that is what I have asked for and I am still saving and waiting to invest when I turn 18. We called the bank and asked them if I was able to invest now at 15 years old, however they said that I needed to be 18 :( I can't wait, I just hope that I do well and don't loose all my money! I did play a game online with the real stock market quotes but with fake money, and I was very successful! If only I was actually able to invest right away :( Anyway, so that is what I am saving for :) Good luck with your new car! Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for this great question/pose :)
  20. juulicob

    juulicob Member

    Right now I'm saving up for tools and material to build a rack for my drum set :) I'm also trying to save on the side for my travels! I save every single $5 bill that I receive. The past year I've been acting like it is not worth anything so I just put it in my safe and try to forget it's there. It's been a great strategy for saving! Sometimes I specifically request change back in 5's just so I have more to save. It's mind over matter; isn't everything?