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What caused you to start taking prescription medication?

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by Liv6, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Liv6

    Liv6 Member

    Personally, I started abusing Vicodin after I was over-prescribed the medication following the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth. I quit cold turkey three months ago (which, in retrospect, was not the best avenue for me as the withdrawal was extremely intense). What is your story, and how did you overcome your addiction?

    Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
  2. sbatz72

    sbatz72 Active Contributor

    I was first prescribed anti-depressants because of an issue with anxiety and depression. I used them on a regular basis, usually as prescribed. However, this has been going on for 2 decades now and it is beginning to take its toll on my physical health. I have recently switch to the herb St. John's Wart. This is natural and assists with the same issues. I am quite upset that I will need to go through these medical tests and that these prescriptions have done this to my body.
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  3. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I wasn't aware that SSRIs had long term physical side effects. What are the medical tests for, exactly?
  4. Liv6

    Liv6 Member

    I'm sorry to hear this. Has it negatively affected your liver? What antidepressants were you on? I apologize if that's a personal question; some of my friends are currently prescribed antidepressants, and I worry that they are taking the ones that you were. Shame on your doctors for not realizing this earlier. I hope that your tests go well for you.
  5. nicolejasmine

    nicolejasmine Member

    I started abusing anti-anxiety medication initially out of curiosity, as stupid as that sounds. I wanted to know what it felt like to get high, and when I was in my younger teenage years, benzo's were the most readily available thing I had to use. I didn't have access to harder drugs or alcohol, so I tried it. I decided that I liked the feeling and it spiraled from there.

    Today, I'm off all medication and have never felt better. Prescription medication is a very dangerous thing and it is so easily available to younger teens.
  6. Auril

    Auril Active Contributor

    I was in a very bad car wreck when I was 20. Herniated two discs and did nerve damage to my shoulder. I didn't get proper treatment due to primary care doctor not sending me for an MRI and such. After the pain medicines I was given ran out, my mom gave me a container of 100+ Vicodin she'd been prescribed after a surgery and never taken even one of. That got me started big time.
  7. ScreenName

    ScreenName Member

    I started years ago when I was a teen with 2 older brothers and had the bf that sold what you needed and a rainbow of pills in his hand....I was a fan of vicodin. My best friend. Started taking 1 and running around with an endless amount or energy...well 1 turned into 20or30 a day or whatever I can get my hands on and its been 10+years since....In 08 I went to rehab, I got out i, I relapsed, I went on with life...I've come to this point in my life and I called rehab 3 days ago and will be going at the end of the month...but this time it's for me and I WILL overcome this because I want this! This is my new beginning.
  8. smartmom

    smartmom Senior Contributor

    I have only used them when I had surgery and when I suffered from high blood pressure. Today I try to use natural remedies mostly herbs. I will however use the drugs if I am very sick. My body does not react well to the drugs. At times they tend to make me sicker. If the natural remedies wont help then of course I use the drugs. Now in emergency cases, I dont have a problem hitting the emergency room. :)
  9. BigSnoop

    BigSnoop Member

    I only used them when I have strong headaches and lower back pains because they work so well and really puts me to sleep very quickly. I may need to stop using them as much because I do not want to affect my long term health, but that may be hard to do.
  10. I have fibromyalgia and have been on tramadol for years. My ex-husband, husband at the time, had the prescription for tramadol and since I had no insurance, I started using his. It helped with the pain but I found myself not able to get through the day without having to take a pill. It kind of gives you a rush of energy and the pain fades away. This energy is what is addictive. Having an illness which causes fatigue is very irritating and controls your life. Finding a pill to boost your energy and make you feel normal is what makes me crave it all the time. I finally got my own prescription and take it everyday.
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  11. harold

    harold Community Champion

    I almost fell into an addiction for painkillers. I had severe tooth ache and often found myself looking for the most powerful painkiller in the market. After I had been treated of the pain, I still found myself taking painkillers whenever I felt the least pain. When my temperature went slightly hot, the solution was painkillers. When I couldn't sleep, I will go back to painkillers. Everything around my life circulated around pain, killers until a friend noticed it and called me an addict. I really felt insulted and challenged him back that I was not an addict. He told me that I was already addicted and couldn't stop. I decided to stop as a challenge to show him that I was not really addicted. When ever I look back, I do not even know if I was addicted or almost addicted because I really felt that I needed these painkillers when ever I felt the least inconvenience, but when I stopped, everything went well. Any way, it was just a miracle from God.
  12. GabinoTapia

    GabinoTapia Active Contributor

    I started taking prescription medications when my doctor gave them to me and they have become (in my eyes) the reason why I am doing okay with my problem. I feel like many other people also feel that they need to rely on their medications because most feel like something bad could happen if they miss at least once. I have been getting help and I think that it has helped me not need to use my medications as much.
  13. pogonotomy

    pogonotomy Member

    I was diagnosed with BP II and ADD, so I regularly take Adderall and Lamictal. I don't think lamictal is an addictive drug at all, but I will confess that some days I want to take 3x my prescribed Adderall dose, on "bad/slow days". I also get anxious easily so I have a Xanax prescription to take as needed. I try not to use the Xanax too often because I'm scared I'll start getting addicted; I've heard Xanax is an easy drug to become addicted to.
  14. bubblycake

    bubblycake Member

    From what I've been able to gather online it is a non-addictive medication. However, it does sound like the withdrawal needs to be done in steps to avoid symptoms. I think that is pretty typical of psychiatric medications though.

    I understand your aversion to taking the Xanax script. It is one of my concerns as well about taking that medication. I try to only take it when I cannot calm myself in a fairly decent manner. I also only get a script of 7 at a time so that I can't abuse them without the practitioner noticing. It's a nice fail-safe for me.
  15. goldenmonkey

    goldenmonkey Member

    I realize now how strange my first drug experiences were. I was 10 when I got my first period, and it was agonizingly painful. I was writhing around and crying, and OTC pain medications didn't do anything. My mum took me to the doctor, and she gave me Tylenol 3s with codeine. I've been hooked on codeine for the last ten years. I think having a script so young altered my brain patterns. I remember really enjoying it too, as I was a depressed kid, and of course it stopped the pain. My mum didn't know that codeine is an opiate! She just didn't wanted me to be in pain, so I don't blame her for it.
  16. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I guess it all started with my depression diagnosis. I think my friend the doctor knew I liked to get high, lol. He was more a friend than anything else, so maybe that is why he gave in. I am not angry at all with him, things followed their course, I could have surely died, but I didn't, so we are good :)

    I don't blame him at all, he just wanted to play it cool with me. He was there with me some years ago when doctors thought they had found something wrong in my left kidney. People make mistakes, we can' expect them to be perfect only because they are doctors. I was never even mad at him to start with, at least not over that.
  17. lalabee21

    lalabee21 Active Contributor

    I lived in Africa many years ago and when I had to go to a country that was in a kind of civil war I was very scared and started having intense panic attacks. I couldn’t even sleep at nights because I had this sensation I was going to swallow my tongue and that I was choking. Then the right side of my face was paralyzing. After leaving this place I went to Senegal and could finally visit a doctor who prescribed me Xanax.

    These pills did help me with the panic attacks and my face returned to normal, but they made me feel sleepy and moody all day long. I felt very weird and in moments I felt they made me crazy. After taking them for three months I decided to stop.
  18. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    Starting to take prescription meds usually starts after you're prescribed them after an accident or something like that. I started taking them after I got into a car accident. They're so addicting that you soon start to take them more and more and use them when you're not even in pain. Thank God I'm clean from that. Others might start taking them when they're introduced to them by a friend or someone close to them.
  19. Ali16

    Ali16 Senior Contributor

    I started taking Vicodin after I was in a bad car accident which left me with two herniated discs and a head injury. A family member had a bunch of left over pills and when what I had ran out, they let me have theirs. I had so much Vicodin I didn't know what to do with it all, with the extreme pain I was in - I began to abuse it and that led to abusing other substances.
  20. lilfaerie28

    lilfaerie28 Active Contributor

    I developed fibromyalgia when I was pregnant with my 5th. They told me the pain would go away after I had her, but no luck. It has now been over 3 years and I'm still having issues with chronic pain. I can't even climb the stairs without hurting all over.