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What is heroin like and what's the point?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Adrianna, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. GettingBetter

    GettingBetter Senior Contributor

    It's a pain killer, and it takes care of more than just physical pain.

    I've only tried it when in extreme emotional pain and personal problems and for me it just made me feel like all my problems were gone for awhile. I think that is why it is so addictive; it makes you feel so much better about your life. But after you sober up there are always more problem than there were before so as to what the point is? I can't really answer other than to say short term, short lived relief from life's troubles.
  2. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous Community Champion

    Are you familiar with vicodin or the effects it has? The best way that I can describe heroin is a vicodin, but with 200x stronger effects. It is definitely a downer drug, which is going to make you feel extremely relaxed and out of it. Opiates are a killer drug and not one to be messed with. I found it to be highly addicting.

    I don't really see heroin use to be on the rise, at least not in my area. If anything I see meth to be the big problem today.
  3. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    I do not know the ultimate thrill of heroine. Last year I had a job a met a co-worker a very nice lady at least 30 years younger than I. Full of smiles and energy showed up for work 6am and was a pleasure to be around seemed to be slightly spaced out now and then but I figured many young-uns are.
    Then one day I heard her name on the speaker for several times, she had a phone call; the last announcement ask her to call the manager. About a half hour later the place was in a thither; she was found hiding behind merchandise passed out and by the time the ambulance arrive she had died… from a heroine overdoes. Dang we had just taken a break together less than two hours ago. We shared my Nutty buddy treat, had a soda laughed and went back to work. I had no clue she was even high; much less high on heroine, I was devastated!! I have seen folks at work and elsewhere that I figured were high on weed and confronted them; they may laugh and say yes or no. But I thought for sure if someone was drugged up on heroine I would notice something odd when interacting with them; I did not.
  4. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    By Natalie Cribari: Revised by LLorraine Tetro:
    Through poison-tainted veins, I feel A warmth that soothes, but is surreal, It's funny how we became acquainted. He made me quiver, I almost fainted. He seemed so cool, so calm, and sweet; he swept me off my virgin feet. We fell in love, or so I thought my soul, my mind, undivided love, is what he sought. He hid his identity with a comforting mask, only to disguise his horrid task. With every kiss, every fix, he sucked me dry; his soft caress was all a lie. He came inside me: just a little prick it made me lightheaded and a little bit sick He abused me raw, until my arms were sore, my cheekbones were visible but I craved him more. He made me chase him, steal, lie and cheat he was all that I wanted to make my life complete. He consumed my body until I fell in defeat. He cackled at my pain of his full destruction of me yet I am too dope sick that this I can't see. Still, I begged and I pleaded for him to return an ongoing cycle why didn't I learn? So at night I fall asleep with him by my side but wake up with no one just a empty syringe by side; "He promised!" [He lied). So today, again, I make him my priority, my chore, to find him in my vain and continue to again be his whore. His passion I want, I crave, and I need the rush that I get; I am his slave. To overcome his power it is a fact that indeed I may never make it. But to you virgins I dare say if he should strut by, please say no and look the other way. He'll charm you and flirt with his deadly advances; he'll shower you with false promises and convincing romances. He could come upon you, any old day with a twinkle in his eye, and his look that could sway. This is your warning so darling' pleases take it in heed; what he does offer you, you surely don't need: A handful of problems, a life that is dark, in no time he'll have you , your gravestone he'll mark.
  5. GettingBetter

    GettingBetter Senior Contributor

    Wow greybird, that is such a sad story but I understand! It seems so crazy to me that some of the most addictive drugs are so subtle and people can't recognize the signs? For my friend, they acted totally normal, as smart as ever, but just sleepy? I'd have had no idea until I really researched all the symptoms to know what was really really going on?

    It amazes me how far deep into addiction someone can go without their friends or family even noticing? I'd say confronting them is the best but as you know, much of the time it doesn't help at all. I wish I knew the answer?
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  6. shuffz

    shuffz Member

    What a story, honestly. The way they describe the feelings is unreal. It gives a fantastic overview of heroin and it's effect. It's not the drug exactly that's making you addicted - it's the feeling of complete peace that people get addicted to. Heroin is just the means of doing that.
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  7. pstrong1969

    pstrong1969 Community Champion

    For me Heroin made everything perfect. In complete bliss with reality. So i thought. I began to live just for heroin. Nothing, nothing else mattered. It was too late i was addicted. Withdrawal was a nightmare. The pain so harsh. Im lucky to be alive. Ive overdosed several times. Now im grateful to be alive and clean from heroin.
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  8. sillylucy

    sillylucy Community Champion

    I would think that it makes you feel total bliss and doesn't make you care about anything. I could see how it is so addictive. I would love to feel that way too.
  9. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    It doesn't matter, it ruins lives and is incredibly addictive. It destroys those around you as well.
  10. pstrong1969

    pstrong1969 Community Champion

    Im in agreement with most of the people here. If you havent tried Heroin dont. When you get addicted you become a slave. Who really wants to be a slave to anything. Not to mention all the other problems it causes. Save yourself some pain and anguish.
  11. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    It really amazes me that folks can shoot up and then go out in the “real” world and very few folk’s even notice. We can only imagine the many episodes of Sat. Night live when John Belushi was high on heroin and the majority of the cast, crew and millions of on watchers rarely had a clue. It bothers me that I was so unaware when sharing a nutty buddy on break with my co-worker that she was the least bit high and would be dead from an overdose within hours; it will be a lifelong memory for sure. I feel for her family, she was a mother, daughter, sister, niece, friend and so much more; she will be greatly missed. I was simply a co-worker and barley knew the young lady yet I and many folks feel so guilty with many questions. What if anyone of us would have done this or that maybe the outcome would be different. She was so young a very sad unnecessary loss of life. Best wishes to all in their life journey.
  12. Apes4grapes

    Apes4grapes Member

    Not to be mean but don't you get tired of wasting the money? I mean don't you want to feel normal ? I really don't mean to be rude
  13. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    Heroin is one of the most scary drugs out there because people become so addicted to it so quickly. I had a friend commit suicide last year shortly after he started taking the drug himself. Nobody even knew that he was doing it until after he was dead. I have never personally touched the stuff and never would.
  14. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    Whelp last week another one my daughters “friends” overdosed thank God they lived. This week another friend overdosed on heroine and they died; it is so sad that these young folks get so wrapped up in the moment and poof they die from pure lack of knowledge that dying is a possibility… Trying to find words to help comfort her is not an easy task; yet I do believe having so many of her “friends” die from drugs it inspires her to stay clean… Best wishes to each of you on your journey.
  15. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yes, thanks for your post. Interesting, so there is an anticipation as you are cooking it up. I've seen footage of the effects, that's it.
    Hopefully you have gotten this all straightened out. Beautiful people deserve better.
  16. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yes, you are right. I'm not into drugs at all actually. Certainly avoiding and saying no is better, of course. Its just curiosity and nothing else. The anticipation she spoke of was an interesting point. You see, this happens with certain foods sometimes. Processed crap laced with chemicals, drugs. Things that are good for you where that anticipation is not there the same way. There is a similarity; the anticipation and body relaxing even before.
  17. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Hmmmm how interesting is that. Fits right into the design. Doesn't it? Big Pharma is like a mafia now. I wonder if it has increased recently, the creation of opiate based drugs. Ok so this makes sense. I just heard different stories about kids getting into it. It being cheap and so forth.
    People have to start connecting the dots. Your post is a good point. Now it makes sense why it would be on the rise. I pretty much thought of it as more of a seventies drug like LSD. I couldn't understand why kids today would have even a remote interest in this garbage. It only takes a few pushers to get the chain going though.
  18. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    It is on the rise again from everything I have read. It is on the rise with those of high school age in my community which is scary to say the least. As for what it is like I can not say and I don't think any good comes from that type of question. What it does to those using it in the end is more relevant as it is very addictive and dangerous.
  19. denise13337

    denise13337 Active Contributor

    Being curious is one thing, even experimenting seems ok to some people, but then you end up an addict. I don't know how they do it some people they just try it once or twice and then their good, they can walk away. Heroin use is on the rise because most people can't just walk away like that.
  20. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    No it isn't. I really don't understand how you imply that it is. Nothing good will ever come from it.