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What is it like to live in a sober living home?

Discussion in 'Sober Living Homes' started by springbreeze, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    That's right, alcohol is the easiest thing in the world to get hold of. That's why I really admire recovering alcoholics - drink is everywhere and in your face the whole time. It must take a will of steel to resist and relapse rates really don't surprise me.
  2. CrimsonAdder

    CrimsonAdder Member

    I would like to add to what others pitched in before me; it is true that sober living homes have strict rules, and you often have to do chores, but really, this is all part of the recovery programme, don't look at it with a negative light. The rules and chores incentivize accountability for doing your part in society and being responsible about youre commitments, and the more chores you are assigned, the more perks you get, like lower rents, and not paying for utilities (which can be a BIG financial aid and make sober living homes actually very competitive in terms of prices comparing to normal houses or apartments).

    Besides, you're facilitated attendance in multiple meetings among individuals going through the same recovery as you, and often get to have a sponsor to support your continued discipline and help you keep motivated and sober. What's not to like? :)
  3. DTracy3

    DTracy3 Active Contributor

    This is the first time I read about sober living homes, but they sound really interesting. I can imagine that their are a lot of recovering addicts that would profit from a place like that. Are there usually a lot of people in these homes?
  4. musicmonster

    musicmonster Senior Contributor

    I would agree that it is a good option and it could really be healthy. Nothing is a guarantee, but it definitely helps a lot. I do have friends who tried this is and it actually works for them.
  5. Shimus

    Shimus Community Champion

    It's not a bad environment, but sometimes the sober living homes can feel forced upon you like a halfway house. I've had multiple friends tell me of both bad and good experiences they have shared, but the majority of them seem to be pleased with Sober homes.

    Why? I think it's because it takes the addiction away entirely, not being anywhere near an old crowd, but rather new friends who are all in your same situation - like a boarding house almost, a melting pot. This can help the psyche cope with the withdrawal and urges you may feel while in the home.
  6. 4rainydays

    4rainydays Member

    Sober living homes are a good tool in helping to shape up your life, especially if the person currently has toxic neighbors or housemates that encourage a drinking atmosphere. However, these houses are super strict about everything. I live near one in my neighborhood and they have a strict three-strike policy. This includes overall cleanliness! They can kick you out for not having a neat room as well as any weird behavior. I feel like it would be very hard for even normal people to successfully stay in one, especially the one near my place.

    Overall, a sober living area is a great way to overcome the addiction and get on the fast track to recovery. The rent is also low while having many amenities that you would never find for that price. There's also monthly gatherings of all the tenants to discuss their troubles, how much they've improved, the next step in their recovery plan, etc.
  7. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    That's a pretty interesting program. But rehab won't help people be clean and sober if they are not yet ready to let go of their addictions. Everything starts within oneself.
  8. DTracy3

    DTracy3 Active Contributor

    That's true, but starting a therapy or deciding to live in a sober home is where it starts, it's basically the first step by taking the decision to wanna change something.
  9. Kteabc

    Kteabc Member

    I was in treatment for 4 months and went to a sober living home unwillingly. Today I am glad I did it. After treatment life hits you in the face and it's easy to go back to your old ways. Sober living helped me ease back into society and still have accountability and help.
  10. May102014

    May102014 Active Contributor

    I believe it could help for your uncle to recover on such place if he is willing to admit himself through it. I heard that when someone lives in those types of facilities are expected to be responsible for themselves and I think that will be a good step in recovery. However, those facilities imposes some rules in which your uncle is not allowed to use alcohol or drugs and I think that would help a lot in establishing his discipline. For as long as he really needs a surroundings like that to recover, then why not try to that atmosphere and as what everybody says, there's no harm in trying.
  11. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    Accountability and responsibility are two important attributes that must and should be addressed. Learning these skills can only help a loved one on the road to recovery. In my case, with my sister, I wish she would be more accountable for her actions and responsible for her behavior.

    I like the idea of getting perks for participating in everyday life responsibilities. Doing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc are part of everyday life. Once a person starts productively participating in these activities, hopefully these skills not only motivate, but bring them one step closer to the bigger responsibilities in life like staying sober!
  12. smartmom

    smartmom Senior Contributor

    I have never had to use a place like this but find that this information is very educating. I guess there are rules that have to be made to keep order whether we agree with them or not. I am just glad that there are places like this to help assist people with living. I am sure if more people knew they existed, more people would use these services.