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What is the next step?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by Joethefirst, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    Most countries have adopted a very strong anti-tobacco policy. There aren't as many tobacco ads and tobacco is heavily taxed. There are a lot of places that don't allow smoking anymore.
    What do you think will be the next step?
  2. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I think the only thing they could do is ban it. This is unlikely to happen tho. I think that there just won't be a lot of smoking in public. I think that people who want to smoke still will, but there will be less second hand smoke going around.
  3. Jose

    Jose Active Contributor

    I think they should ban it too, it would work. Here in my country we had some importation issues like 2 years ago cigarettes completely disappeared, the very few you could find were so expensive It started to look like a high-class only vice, you had to drive a lot to get a reasonable price. Everybody were pretty much forced into withdrawal and many people quitted, I know many life-long smokers that quitted and that's just insane, I could see these people determined to smoke to death. Keep in mind that importation problems lasted only a couple month.

    Unlike marijuana ban (which I think is ridiculous), cigarettes are straight up poison, there's absolutely nothing good about them. Of course who wanna be a smoker will be a smoker but the government shouldn't allow it to be legally sold, whoever wants to smoke cigarettes should grow it themselves and smoke it privately, that's what I think. I guarantee you the vast majority of smokers won't go through the hassle for it, I've just seen it happening here so its not much of a guess.
  4. Mara

    Mara Community Champion

    I think most of us here are all in agreement that cigarettes should be banned. But I do not think that will happen. Perhaps someday, but definitely not today. Businesses and governments have a lot to lose in revenues so I do not think that banning cigarettes will happen sometime soon.
  5. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    Banning it might happen eventually but I think it's still to early for that, there are still of smokers out there. This would re-enforce the black market that because of the increase of the tobacco prices is stronger then ever. This step would definitely decrease the amount of smokers.
  6. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I guess banning smoking in several places, like for example inside cars and houses with children. I'd like to see those changes happen, because there still are a lot people out there who do such a thing, even though it is well known that smoking in the presence of your kids is not good. Some people are reckless and stupid, just like that, even today. I think it's totally unfair to expose little children to that kind of thing, so I do hope to see this kind of changes soon.
  7. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Banning wouldn't stop people from smoking cigarettes. There are lots of drugs which are illegal and people still obtain and use them. There has to be a reason why tobacco use has dropped. Find out what made people stop using tobacco and use it to permanently end tobacco addiction. But to be honest I doubt that we'll ever see the day when cigarette smoking is dead.
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  8. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    It is my wish that the next step is shutting down all companies that produce tobacco related substances. Then all smokers would be forced to quit.
  9. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    There are already countries were it is illegal to smoke inside your car if you have children inside them. This might be the next law that might become generalized globally.
  10. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    As soon as they get non smokers into all government offices then we might see heavy prohibition of smoking. Right now in the States there are heavy rules and regulations. Some stated are raising the legal age of smoking and making it difficult to smoke in public. As far as a total ban. I don't think so. My country makes a lot from the tax revenue made from the sales of tobacco.
  11. ejorman1010

    ejorman1010 Senior Contributor

    I guess banning it would be the next logical step, but the tobacco lobby is just too strong, or at least it is in the United States. I don't ever foresee tobacco ever being banned in the US. We've known for a long time that tobacco has serious health consequences and it is still legal here.
  12. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    I think that it might eventually get there but not in our life times. There are too many people that benefit from smokers.
  13. tgthewriter1

    tgthewriter1 Member

    I think it is baloney. I do not think they should ban cigarettes just to stop people from smoking them. I think people should just let people make their own decisions when it comes to drugs. Drugs get you through a lot of stressful situations. I personally find them useful.