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What is your addiction like?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by Rosyrain, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I guess I could describe mine as an antsy irritable feeling when I haven't smacked in a while. I eventually get tired and have, what I like to call fuzzy mouth. What are your cravings like?
  2. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I don't get hungry really, I just want to chew on something. Keeping nuts and gum around the house us a good way for me not to sit and snack all of the time. I have seen people gain a lot of weight when they quit.
  3. kita

    kita Member

    If I am really busy I can go without smoking for hours without any problem. I tend to smoke a lot when I'm bored or stressed. I usually become very irritable and short tempered. I've tried to quit before, but turned into such a impatient witch, people were begging me to start again.
  4. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    During the time when I was hooked on cigarettes and alcohol, I would get very irritated and depressed when I couldn't get a drink or a puff of smoke. Disturbing thoughts would enter my mind, and I would obsess with ridiculous things. At worst, I would experience panic attacks where I couldn't breathe properly and collapse from anxiety. Not to mention the nightmares...
  5. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I know a lady who is quitting drinking right now and it seems as though the withdrawl effects are much worse than quitting cigarettes. I have heard that she shakes and shakes to the point where she almost falls on the floor. It does not help that she drinks about a 5th per day.