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White power and still pass urinalysis

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by NeedHelpOrlando0380, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Anyone know a drug that looks like powdered cocaine that you could snort and pass a UA the same day? My brother is getting high and beating piss tests and I am trying to figure out how.
  2. Oxysloth

    Oxysloth Member

    Could be a crushed up pill, what panel is the drug test. The basic 5 panel tests for Opiates like codeine and morphine (it does not test for hydrocodone oxycodone ect..) THC cocaine and amphetamines (adderall) could be xanax or another benzo like ativan or valium. Or higher class opiates like Oxycodone. Get a 12 panel to test for benzos and get an extended opiate panel. That will show you everything. Hope this helps. Also how long is he taking the drugs before the test? Drugs stay in the body for different amounts of time and are also based on factors like water intake and exercise.
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