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Worried about my 20 six-year-old son

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by Worried mom of 26yr old, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. My son is 26-year-old and I recently found out that he did Coke at my younger daughter‘s wedding and then did Coke on Christmas Eve and found out from his father that he did Coke with his father his father‘s girlfriend on New Year’s Eve. My son is in the process of breaking up with his girlfriend who is a very good influence on him and hanging out with one of his old classmates who I just found out sellls to him. I am in and out of town but I have been a constant in his life. He’s coming over for a visit in the next day or so but he doesn’t know that I’m going to address him about his cook use. I have talked to his father which I reamed out and his father admits he was wrong for doing Coke with his son but his father has had problems with drugs all his adult life . I am thinking about contacting the person I know who sold it to my son and threatening him as well my son and my ex-husband that if they ever give him Coke again I will turn the in, just not sure for safety reasons if that’s a good idea. Unfortunately my son has always idolized father and has evened pop pills as well as snorted pills with his father in the past. I have had my son arrested once because he use my car to go pick up some pills and we got into an argument about it and he punched my window and broke it so I had him arrested He did have to complete a rehab program but it doesn’t sound like it’s stuck He has a job goes to work but from what I understand his Coke habit is increasing. Not sure what to do about his idiotic father and my son any advice would be great.
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    @Worried mom of 26yr old... Get a copy of the book Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change and read it. It's a fabulous book for parents who have a child who may be struggling with drug abuse. It will teach you how to best communicate with your son, how to talk to him to help motivate him to want to change his behavior, and how to take good care of yourself while you're dealing with his issues. I can't recommend it highly enough.