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worried Tht I'm adicted

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by andrea, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. andrea

    andrea Member

    Hi bin taking coke every weekend and now for last 7 nights and now feel exhausted angry iritable down
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @andrea... When did you start using cocaine? You can get clean if you want to. Have you ever been to an NA or SMART Recovery (12-step alternative) meeting? It might be a good place to start.
  3. Andrea -You yourself can see the road you are on and have already noticed your brain stepping up its demand for an increased amount of the drug. There is good news and bad news about cocaine - but the good news is VERY good compared to other addictive drugs like opiates (Vicodin, Oxy, and 10 other pills all of which lead to heroin).

    The bottom line is Cocaine affects the brain quickly and results in a sense of "feeling good, losing social anxiety and being more bold than normal" -- all underpinned with high energy that can be borderline euphoric. Who wouldn't want to feel like that? That is your brain saying "Hey - this works for me! I can do a better job dealing with problems and getting you through the day! Get me some more of that stuff!"

    Depending on how many addiction genes you have, you can feel that message to differing degrees - but there is no major physical withdrawal from cocaine. That is the good news - because feeling like you have the flu times 100, and knowing it can be relieved by a single pill or slamming a few cc's of H, makes opiates a truly horrible habit to break. The relapse rate is something like 70-90%.

    On the other hand, if you have not been on coke for many years, you can get off it and come back to"normal" fairly easily. The longer you are on coke, however, the longer the recovery period will be -and it's no walk in the park, either. If I told you that your dopamine "pickup" areas in your brain are dying at an increasing rate with each coke buzz, because the brain is being flooded with dopamine and trying to self regulate, you may think twice about using. As the dopamine

    Based on how heavily (or not) you are using now (a gram a day is pretty extreme (snorting)- you may need 30 days of treatment or some type of professional help to break the habit. The brain tries to regulate the dopamine excess in a simple but brilliant manner. It adjusts by killing off (in a sense) these dopamine receptors and destroying excess dopamine.

    So what happens when you stop doing the coke, which in turn stops producing the extra dopamine? You are going to have lower levels of dopamine in your brain - and your brain does not have all those dopamine receptors it used to have - so you are going to feel like crap emotionally and mentally for a period of time. Dopamine controls a lot more than just moods

    Psychiatrists, ONLY addiction specialists, can prescribe different meds to help during this recovery period. Wellbutrin is a commonly described med. It took me years of trying scores of drugs to get myself feeling quasi-normal again. When by a fluke I started exercising - the positive effects were better than any drug I tried in recovery. They were so shocking, I could not believe exercise had not been forced on us as part of a program!

    Bottomline it could be a lot worse - and it will be - if you do not take steps to break these habits. Take it from a guy who thought he was pretty smart and could get away with using: I went from happy-go-lucky to a terrifying state of mind where day after day I would arrive at the rational conclusion that "I think it would be easier and better if I just wasn't here anymore".

    In some freaky way that still terrifies me, I cannot imagine that I was even thinking about suicide - and worse - that it made rational sense to me at the time! Also, I tend to have one regret I can NEVER get around and it is all the time I lost - either busy with drugs and alcohol, or thinking about how to get them.

    You are smart to be worrying about a cocaine habit at any stage in your life - but it sounds as though you are more on the "front end". Also, I have focused on how it is not a terrible drug to kick from a physiological withdrawal standpoint, but the psychological withdrawals are a whole different type of pain that you want to avoid as much as possible!

    Keep asking questions and if and when you are ready, ask for help if you think you need it. The good news is that insurance often picks up most of the tab and you are brave to be asking this question. Kepp it up, and good luck!
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