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Worst thing about smoking

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by Carnold23, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Psyduck

    Psyduck Active Contributor

    I agree with all the things you mentioned and personally, the thing I hate about smoking, is the amount of cash people spend on a daily basis just for smoking. I've seen jobless people who waste their lives by spending all that they've got exclusively on smoking.
  2. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I really think it's the feeling you get afterwards. It seems to make you feel like you just polluted your body. You don't really get anything from it but a slight buzz. I stop smoking because of the cost and the effect it was having on my health.
  3. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    You can go for cigarettes even if you have not eaten. You will spend the last coin and yet you do not have food in your kitchen. Smoking can make you miss an important meeting because you made yourself late. You can avoid attending such meetings because you fear that they will realise that you have smoked. Smoking makes your mouth stink hence you will not want to talk before your friends.
  4. movingforward1

    movingforward1 Active Contributor

    I think the worst part about smoking is the smell of the smoke lingering in your house. I will not allow my husband to smoke anywhere except in one room of the house, because I don't want my children's clothes to smell like smoke.
  5. rikka

    rikka Member

    When I was in primary grade, I used to love the smell of cigarette smoke. However, when I learned about the bad effects of second-hand smoke, my mind suddenly changed gears and hated the smell of it.

    One thing I hate about smoking is, like you stated, is the smell clinging to everything. I am a bit "self-righteous" when it is about my clothes and appearance. I don't want smoke clinging to my hair and clothes. I also hate the effects of cigarette smoke on the body. I don't like stained teeth, and I don't like dry skin.

    Another thing I hate about cigarette smoking is people who had just smoked coming in the elevator with me. I don't care if they feel insulted if I cover my nose in front of them and calling them "kapre" afterwards. Another thing I also hate about cigarette smoking is when someone blows the smoke right in front of your face that your vision goes white all of a sudden.
  6. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous Community Champion

    I hate the smell that cigarettes leave on people. People can go completely unaware that they smell terrible. I can't imagine how bad I smelled to others when I was a regular smoker. I also hate the yellowing of the teeth while smoking.
  7. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    As a non-smoker, what I don't like about smoking is its smell. It's nauseating and headache-inducing. Upon learning how destructive cigarette fumes are to those unfortunate enough to inhale it, I make it a point to distance myself from smokers (who most of the time are not sensitive towards others or aware of their surroundings).
  8. Fillit

    Fillit Member

    Its that you dont even notice how you smell after a while, your senses a stuffed up with all the **** from the cigs. Food for example started to taste so much better after i quit i couldn't believe it. You know how it tastes blander when you have a runny nose? Well smoking adds an extra layer to that as well. I'm telling you eating junk felt like fine dining for a first couple of weeks after my ability to smell returned to normal.
  9. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    I think this thread should have been named Facts about smoking. There are no less worse things or good things about this habit. It is just wrong. Everything about it is bad. Smoking can make you sick, it is making your teeth yellow and your breath bad. Your skin yellowish and it somehow hardens., like sandpaper. And in general, not only your clothes but also your skin smells very bad. A house where you live would resemble a place where you smoke meat. But the worst part is , at least i think, the fact you are addicted to it. You need it to function on daily basis. That is a horrible state of mind and body.
  10. Leanna_Jeanne

    Leanna_Jeanne Member

    There were so many things I hated about smoking, in fact, I can't think of anything that I actually liked about it. My absolute least favorite thing about smoking though was the complete control it had over my life and how weak I felt knowing I had an addiction to something.
  11. eveliner

    eveliner Senior Contributor

    The smell must be the worst part about cigarettes, talking from a ex-now-non-smoker point of view. To be honest, I can't really apprehend much how I was able to inhale the smoke of ten to fifteen cigarettes a day. Now every time I get the dreadful occasion of staying by smokers' vicinity... I want to vomit due to the smell. And I'm truly not kidding about this one.
  12. JakeLamotta

    JakeLamotta Active Contributor

    Yes the worst thing about smoking is definitely the fact that apart from destroying your own health you end up making those around you uncomfortable too. I have seen people disgusted and nauseated by being around smokers.
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  13. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Yep, I agree totally. The smell is the worse thing when smoking. Cigarettes leave your mouth smelling like a dump truck. And it's even worse when you combine it with alcohol. Then it smells like nitroglycerin with a touch of garbage on top.
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  14. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    Toward the end before I decided to quit smoking I would actually get a little embarresed when I lit up. People would frown and some actually made some comments about the smell. My other half then started to comment about the stink after he quit smoking and I started to feel shamed in a way that I was still smoking. Now that I do not smoke cigarettes I can smell it really strong and I personally feel that it stinks. That is one great way to make you quit for sure.
  15. mayasupernova

    mayasupernova Active Contributor

    I am not a smoker and from tis perspective I can tell you that the smell is one of the worst things for me. It suffocates me, makes me feel gross about myself after I leave the place where people were smoking, my clothes keeps on the bad smell and everyone can smell me later.
    The next thing is the fact that smokers would rather by cigarettes than bread. It just does notmake any sense to me. They would rather not eat but have enough smokes.
    And the last thing is thatplenty of smokers are simply very irrespectufl of people wo do not stand smoke, and seems like even asking them to go outside to smoke their cigarettes tends to offend them. Yet, they would rarely apologise if they smoked in a room where smoking is not allowed. For me that is just a very outrageous and disrespectful behavious. I don't know if you encountered anything like this so far, but I have.
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  16. artyarson

    artyarson Active Contributor

    It destroys:

    1. Lungs
    2. Stamina
    3. Good breath
    4. Your money

    Enough said.
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  17. ellyjude

    ellyjude Active Contributor

    Has anyone attended any seminar where specialists experiment the effects of tobacco to different parts of the body? Well, you will hate tobacco once you have a look. I will upload one of my favorite videos so that the people in this community can comment on it.
  18. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Smoking also does affect your skin and causes premature wrinkling. Although you won't notice the damage smoking does to you skin initially, the longer you smoke, the worse the effects will be eventually when they begin to show. If you are concerned about your looks then this should convince you to stop smoking.
  19. AngryItalian

    AngryItalian Member

    See I prefer chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco. Both of which healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Also, if you use Snus, it appears as socially acceptable gum usage. For smokers who can't quit, both cause cancer, why not do the one that doesn't kill everyone around you.

    The mouth was meant to chew, not to be laden with cigarette smoke.
  20. Shenwil

    Shenwil Senior Contributor

    I have never smoked and there is nothing about it I like. I try not to judge people for smoking but sometimes they really need to cool off it. You start to smell like smoke all the time after awhile.