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Worst Thing You Said While Drunk?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Rainman, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. It is really awful but I don't remember what is the worst thing I said because when I was younger I literally got drunk beyond belief and recollection. I've lost tons and tons of friends thanks to alcohol either from what I said, the secrets I let out or the things I did. Perhaps the worst was blurting out that my friend was cheating on her boyfriend in front of him and everyone at the party I was at; definitely something that I regret completely and for that reason I decided to give up alcohol. You can stop being drunk, but you can never take back what you said.
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  2. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

    I don't remember to have said anything I could regret today while being drunk, but I remember to have done something that is truly embarrassing even seen from a today's perspective.

    Drinking to much alcohol on a daily basis contributed to gain weight, so my body was not the kind of spectacle someone would love to see.

    However I had an infrared security camera set to monitoring supposed paranormal activity. This means it detected any movement happening next to my room's door.

    One of those days, and under the alcohol effects, I began to do a striptease next to the camera to watch myself in my computer's monitor, by that time there was not Internet publicly available still so, what could happen?

    This was 1989 and may other sources of entertainment besides console games, were that camera to monitoring paranormal activity and a citizens band radio to listen to others' chit-chatting.

    So that, being ugly fat, and made my drunken striptease and the days went by before I listened to a CB radio conversation in which one guy wanted to share some intimate details of gangbang party he was into, but the other guy said: "no man, keep details to yourself until we meet. I'm one hour driving from our meeting place."

    The other guy couldn't wait and insisted to tell, so his partner added this; "no 'chocolate' (his nickname) if you ell me what happened there are many chances the whole world learn about this, and I mean it because the citizens band is not only open to anyone having a similar radio to listed what's cooking here, but the airwaves are also caught by the television signal. At home I don't only have CB radio interference on TV, but the other day I had other rare interference of a broadcasting signal showing a fat cow getting naked...."

    Then he began to laugh describing in detail my striptease.... gulp! So embarrassing even today being fit, but still ashamed for something I would never done being sober.
  3. Marie92

    Marie92 Active Contributor

    I drank to the point where I didn't remember what I said to my boyfriend at the time. He said he would always remember it, but wouldn't tell me what it was. After that, I never drank to that magnitude again.
  4. Cellador

    Cellador Member

    I can't say I remember saying this, because I was beyond drunk at that point but apparently I once called my female roommate all sorts of names (many of which rhyme with "hunt") for absolutely no reason, She left the place crying after which I apparently proceded to pick a fight with a massive Scottish dude.
    The black eye was nothing compared to the horror of pieceing the evening together the next day. That was a bad one.
  5. mickella18

    mickella18 Active Contributor

    I recall an outing with a friend of mine recently where I became gravely drunk for the first time in my life. It was so strange to me that I could not control the tone at which I was speaking or even the words that came out of my mouth. I remember I was going to board a cab but a lady went before me and called shotgun. Immediately, I blurted out, "That lady stole my front seat!"

    My friend was so embarassed and I don't think I ever drank again. That behaviour is not for me.
  6. BigSnoop

    BigSnoop Member

    If I am not mistaken I believe I told my best friend who was a female that she was a bitch and nobody around her really likes her attitude, and I thought I was doing her a favor by encouraging her to change her attitude but it backfired and she took very personal.
  7. señorvato

    señorvato Member

    wow.... worst thing I did when I was drunk is fall to the ground in a club while everyone watch.... oooh and can't handle alcohol... I really need to joint alcoholanonymous... I need help...
  8. roseannepark

    roseannepark Member

    i just screamed at my parents that ANYWAYS they werent my real parents et that they can go die on themselves and that we (my sister and i) hate them and all those shits you say when youre drunk
    but i was 19 so they were like "well shes "young" so we can forgive her that"
    roseanne xxx
  9. ForeignDoll21

    ForeignDoll21 Member

    Hello friends , I'm knew here and I may not put in the right spelling or grammar but bare with me

    I'm 22 years young and it all started when I lost my father at the age 17 I was a wreck I drank till I blacked out for 2 years straight so I don't recall most of the embarrassing thing I said sadly but true..... any who the most recent thing I can think of is when me and my mates went to 1 of our mates flats for a party and I saw my ex ( S.H ) and i was all on him bringing up how he hurt me and how he treated me after I lost my V Card to him then I even went so far to invite him to my flat which I'm glad didn't happen bc I passed out n I just left to my own flat but that's not the worst part I have a bf going on 3 years , YIKESSSS can you imagine how stupid i would of been if i actually went through with that smh

  10. IngridCarley

    IngridCarley Member

    I literally dance.I abused the person who hated me.Called my crush and has an unhealthy conversation.Sit on the road side and vomited.
  11. Lkborg

    Lkborg Member

    I am still trying to recover from coming on to my boyfriends best friend. I really am not into him. Just think he’s a cute nice guy. But I guess I ran my fingers through his hair ( which I barely remember). And told him how cute he was. I embarrassed myself and my bf in front of all his friends. I just feel like dying.
  12. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Lkborg hey.... sorry you are feeling so rotten due to that... how are you feeling now? altering our consciousness can certainly make us do things we regret.