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Worst Thing

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by 6up, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    What is the worst thing have you ever done while drunk? I have heard stories of people killing their partners, others getting involved in accidents, fighting with friends, etc.
  2. elles-belles

    elles-belles Community Champion

    Hi, personally I haven't done anything remotely criminal or that hectic while drunk but I know of a few stories where people have done some really unthinkable things.

    A cousin of mine once beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp while drunk all because he couldn't control or contain his anger and because he believed that his hallucinations where factual! The girlfriend survived the brutal attack but he could have very well killed her. To this day he regrets that night and it still torments him so much.
  3. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    Hi there @6up! :) Thankfully, during the years when I was still a frequent alcoholic beverage drinker I have never done anything hurtful to anything or anyone. I have seen my friends fight with other drunk people though.

    I have a neighbor though who becomes violent and destructive whenever he's drunk. That's what worries me because he keeps a gun and sometimes he would just open fire whenever he's drunk. It's a big concern for my family and our other neighbors because he could unintentionally shoot someone with the way he handles his gun when he's way under the influence of alcohol.
  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Well, although I was a pretty heavy drinker before, I couldn't remember doing such violent things to other people, specially not to my family/friends/partner. Just because you're drunk doesn't mean you can now have the right to do crazy stuffs, and be excused just like that.
  5. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    I have never done anything violent when I was drinking but I remember quite some time ago I had a few too many drinks and I told a friend about her husband cheating on her. They ended up splitting up and he use to call me at work and make threats towards me. It was awful for awhile. They both blamed me. She doesn't talk to me to this day. He has since remarried and he called me not so long ago and apologized for the threats he made and told me that he was happy now and that he should really thank me. I am sure he will be cheating on her too if he isn't already. He cheats on everybody that he is with.
  6. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    I think by far the worst thing I ever did while I was drunk was driving. I didn't do it often, but I did do it. And I regret it, even though nothing bad ever resulted from it. I can't believe I was that stupid and inconsiderate of others.
  7. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I haven't done anything that violent while I was drunk... I think that the worst thing I did was messing with someone's house, it was so clean at first and five minutes before it was a complete mess, lol. But as another user mentioned, being drunk isn't an excuse to do something that violent as killing a person.
  8. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    Sometimes back, when I used to drink, I can't remember but I was being told how I was abusive. I frequently engaged myself in fights which I can prove because of the scars that I have. One time I slept on the road while it was raining. Luckily my friend took me home - I was dirty all over!
  9. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    I think the worst thing I did was drive and get in fights and once got blacked out drunk. I just lost all good judgment. Made terrible decisions.
  10. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I don't drink at all, but I know of someone, a neighbor who would loudly blab all of his problems when he became drunk while drinking outside. So the whole street knows about his issues, lol.
  11. Shenwil

    Shenwil Senior Contributor

    I've never been drunk but I've heard some pretty wild stories. The worst ones are the violent attacks, I can just imagine how they feel when they wake up the next morning and realize what they have done.
  12. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    I do not drink alcohol and so my husband does not drink alcohol too. But my father drinks alcohol sometimes after work because of company dinner meetings but not regularly. But he is just quiet when he is drunk and does not do crazy things. When he arrived home he will just go straightly to their bedroom and sleep. And even though like that he still wakes up early the next morning to go to work. He can still manages to perform his duties and responsibilities in their company. That is why I cannot think why there are some drinkers who is always saying that they do not know what they are doing when they are drunk.
  13. denise13337

    denise13337 Active Contributor

    I drove drunk and got into an accident. I hate when I see those PSAs about drinking and driving because it just reminds me of what I did. You never think you are going to do something like that until you are actually in that situation. Drinking really impairs your judgement and it's even hard to describe how you can make some of those decisions in that frame of mind.
  14. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    Oh lord knows the stupid things I have done while under the influence.
    I used to drive drunk a lot, a few times a week easy.
    Back then it wasn't as stigmatized as it is today and was easier to get away with. I am thankful I never hurt anyone. I am also happy to see times are changing, drunk driving is a horrible thing and can ruin lives.
  15. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Years ago, getting so drunk that I could barely feed my then-infant son, and even then after I managed to feed him, I was unable to burp him, which could have caused him to choke. Thank goodness everything turned out fine. I decided that day not to ever get that drunk again. That was many years ago, and since then I've only been super-drunk once or twice, but I don't think I've ever been as drunk as I was that day all those years ago.
  16. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    Uhm, made a fool of myself in front of only G-d knows how many strangers while on a holiday in Mexico. Lol. That is the worst thing I've done while being drunk, not a big deal at all if compared to other things people has done under the influence.