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Would Having A Rehab Center in Your Community Scare You?

Discussion in 'Sober Living Homes' started by ChloeDawn, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. ChloeDawn

    ChloeDawn Active Contributor

    We have a new rehab center being built in my hometown. Many of the local people have tried to stop this from happening because they fear that new drug abusers from other areas will come in, do a stint at the rehab center and then remain in our community only to relapse and make the drug problem worse. I really do not know how to feel about this, but I know something has to be done about the drug problem here. Do any of you live near a drug rehab center and has it made you scared or nervous in any way?
  2. SashaS

    SashaS Community Champion

    There are no drug rehab centers where I live, South Africa, as the government is too busy spending that money on Ferraris and swimming pools. But I would get a certain level of shock if one were to be put up. I know that there are drugs circulating where I live and some are addicted, but I would say that it's a minority of people. The installation of one would imply that there is a need for it and that would obviously have people wondering whether this means that more drug addicts from other areas will be attracted to it.

    I think that the pros outweigh the cons though and that it's much better to have one than to have none at all because some of these centers have helped a lot of people from what I have read. It will also give off the fact that the community is helping each other and that the government, or whoever is building the center, cares. I wouldn't be nervous, but I would be weary of the fact that there are drugs around if I never knew it before.
  3. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Having a treatment center in my neighborhood wouldn't scare me one bit. The fears the people in your community are expressing are all part of the stigma associated with addiction. Addicts in treatment aren't bad people trying to become good; they're sick people trying to get well.
  4. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    A drug rehab centre would not scare me a bit. This is paradoxical. On the contrary, it would give me assurance that somebody is giving hope to an alienated section of the populace. That addicts would be integrated into the local society and spread the addiction is not convincing. One does not become an addict simply because of availability of drugs. I come across many shops selling cigarettes but do not smoke. It is a conscious choice though there are mitigating factors like prescription drugs.
  5. jinx0

    jinx0 Member

    That's really weird... We do need more rehab centers, because people will have possibility to change their lifes in a good way. If we won't talk about it the more people will become addictioned. That's the logic. People with addictions are ashamed and afraid not to be accepted and then healed. Human aren't perfect. Each of us can make a mistake but each of us needs a chance to resolve it. It works with addiction people too. They need this chance and they need support not hatred. So please be kinder and help them to get in drug rehab centers.
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  6. RSH85

    RSH85 Member