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Would you even try cocaine?

Discussion in 'Cocaine' started by rightct, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. artyarson

    artyarson Active Contributor

    I never had a chance to do that and I don't regret it. So, surely I will decline, as I'm pretty much satisfied with my sober state of body and mind.
  2. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    These days I don't even hang around with people that consume drugs, so the opportunity will not appear for me. I have an healthy life style and I pretend to continue like that.
  3. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I would never try cocaine, because of the people I knew in the past. I've known people who have ruined there lives because of cocaine and that's one problem I don't need. I guess once you see the effect it has on someone else it scares you from trying it. It's really sad that there was a time when people didn't know much about it and started using it then got hooked.
  4. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    It's a matter of instinct really because when we are too young we really don't know what we are doing. So if we don't have the proper guidance we might as well fall into it.
  5. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    Never!! Drugs have never been my thing and I have never touched anything but because I see what my husband is going through now I hate it even more! It is a terrible drug and I wish it was not a part of my life!!
  6. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    Maybe if the line of cocaine was off of a stripper, other than that, no.
  7. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    Now you're just talking trash bleblanc. This is a serious site and I don't think that sort of comments brings nothing positive to the community.
  8. misamisa

    misamisa Member

    I've tried it. I was drunk (whole reason I'm even on this forum) when it was offered to me. I'm willing to try pretty much anything while I'm drunk. Thankfully it's not something I enjoyed that much. Actually I've tried cocaine twice, but I was drunk the second time as well and I didn't really care for it. I think how drunk I was during those times may have overridden it or something. I didn't notice much other than how much it bothered my nose. I'll never try it sober (and hopefully not again while drinking)
  9. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    That's the issue with drinking, when we do it we are out of ourselves and we cannot be held responsible for our actions. So better be sober or else we will get into bigger problems.
  10. thelawless1

    thelawless1 Member

    I loved cocaine. it was awesome. I spent the better part of 3 years off chop. My only regret was I didn't do more. Then my fiance became pregnant. The day she told me was the last line I've had. It wasn't any sort of moral decision, simply a fiscal one. Coke in Australia is about 400% the US price and how could I justify being so self indulgent whith a child coming. I had a 'scratchy brain' for about a week and I haven't thought of it since. The addiction isn't in the baggie it's in the person,
  11. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    Wow, so that's an impressive story there thelawless, you managed to quit just like that? What's a scratchy brain? :D
  12. MichelleVL

    MichelleVL Senior Contributor

    I actually tried it once and it was purely out of curiosity. Before I tried it, I researched online about it. I research it's effects, what it was supposed to taste like, the addiction in itself to the substance, and viewed many testimonials from people addicted to it. Again I tried it out of curiosity ( in my defense, I have a very curious nature, I'm very much into science, and sometimes use myself as my very own guinea pig), I wasn't heavily pressured into or anything. Frankly speaking I felt it was overrated and couldn't really understand after trying it, why people do it for a prolonged period of time to the point of becoming addicted. I don't know it just wasn't that much fun.
  13. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    Now that's something unusual, you looked online before trying and even so you did it? I was once having a party at my place and some people were consuming, but I didn't tried it, that party was getting out of hand...
  14. danjon

    danjon Senior Contributor

    The term "overrated" is used a lot with cocaine. But don't be deceived - cocaine has a very real, potent addictive effect on the user. If you tried it and didn't come away wanting more, then think yourself lucky. I keep saying that cocaine is one of the most insidiously addictive drugs there is out there. Not something to be messed with at all.....
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  15. denise13337

    denise13337 Active Contributor

    You know what I hate that song in love with the coco and hearing all these people make references to it, i even read about it in a magazine as a joke reference. It makes me sick that people glorify it, it is horrible jsut horrible. I hate those scenes in movies where some rich baller guy is snorting cocaine off a hookers ass and it makes him seem cool. Yes, I've tried it and if i could go back I would rather strangle myself to death than try it again.
  16. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    People do glorify drug consumption, they say it's a cool life style. Well, it's not. Drug world is a sad world and anyone saying that there is glamour involved is dead wrong.
  17. rEEzytheKiD

    rEEzytheKiD Active Contributor

    For me it was the crowd I was with. I was involved with a lady who I had very strong feelings for and didn't realize what she had been into in the past. One night she suggested it and I gave in. That was a super dark time and I haven't touched the stuff in a while because it's not the kind of thing I wanna go out of my way to find. Unlike with booze I didn't get hooked on it and only continued to do it when others would bring it up.
  18. yeahand

    yeahand Member

    You would have to be holding a gun to my head, because to me it would be the same thing. Both my parents were cocaine addicts and alcoholics. It eventually killed my dad at 40 years old. Throughout my life I haven't seen another substance take people down that path quite so fast as with cocaine.
  19. MichelleVL

    MichelleVL Senior Contributor

    Thanks for the insight and warning Danjon. You know when I tried it, I did it objectively, and one of the questions I wanted to answer with my "experiment" was why people liked it so much, why it was so appealing, why people wanted more of it. Since nothing exciting came out of it, nothing that could make me say "Oooh I geeet it" came out of it; it lead me to the conclusion that it was "overrated", and to this day I can't see why people like it so much. Again thanks for your advice.
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  20. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    Exactly how is this a productive or helpful question in the context of recovery or preventing substance abuse? At any rate, my answer is no.