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Would You Quit Smoking To Save Your Family?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by hellonamesdana, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    A few years back when my brother and I were still minors, my dad had full custody of us because my mother was an abusive alcoholic. My aunt, like my dad's own sister, decided that she wanted to take away the custody from my father and have my brother and I move in with her, so she would get custody. She took it upon herself to call in a fake problem to CPS about my dad beating us kids. It was a whole fiasco, but none of it was true. Even though she refuses to admit it, she's the one who did it.
    Anyways, since CPS had to do an investigation they had to drug test my dad. He had to stop smoking weed for two months, though he was able to continue to smoke ciggarettes. He did it to keep us around, because if they had found weed in his system they would have arrested him.
    Would you quit smoking to save your family?
  2. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Some sacrifices are worth making. But it all hinges on how much you love your family. I know some parents who hate their children. I doubt that they'd make any sacrifices on their part to be around their family. For me though, if I was a smoker, even if I didn't love my family that much I'd do anything to keep the kids. It's my responsibility and I wouldn't take it lightly.
  3. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I think that sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get what you want, even if that means having to suffer or having to lose out. You simply just have to get through whatever it is you've got to go through to get what you want, whilst staying focused on what the eventual outcome will be and knowing that it will al be worth it and will all pay off in the end.
  4. RobertNick

    RobertNick Member

    I think it would be a sacrifice worth the bother. Not even the strongest high can replace the warmth of acceptance. A personal friend of mine struggled with this for a long time, the guild of doing it at the cost of his family's pain used to torment him, but it never stopped him from relapsing until we had to do stop him for his own sake.
  5. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    Well, regarding your [hellonamesdana] father and his "contract" with CPS, yes he was wise and honorable for not doing cannabis in order to keep you and your brother. However, I for one would have never involved CPS or any U.S. Government Agency at all with my family, even if it was to keep a drug addicted spouse from keeping my hypothetical children [property; that which is exclusive to use by a man or woman only] because one slip up [even if it was not true] can imply a breach of contract which will allow CPS or other U.S. Agents to seize your children [property] from you. It is always best to handle one's domestic affairs in one's jurisdiction at home first, and to accept any external Government's assistance last.

    Yes, I would quit doing drugs to keep my hypothetical children [property], but that's only if I had made such a promise to whomever is involved with handling my family affairs; as for complying with CPS terms and conditions to stay sober, if I had contracted with said Agency, then yes I would no longer use drugs.
  6. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    Under normal circumstances I would be quick to say "yes" I would quit to keep my family. Yet I think until you are placed in a situation you always think you would do the right thing for your family. Often the circumstances usually reveal who we are. Being here and knowing some who have not been able to make that change tell me it is often easier said than done.

    At the end of the day, I am glad your father choose his family.
  7. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    I'm incredibly thankful that he was able to quit for those two months and he passed his drug test, because he would have easily been thrown in jail because of my aunts accusations and I'm not sure where my brother and I would have ended up. I mean we were only 16 and 15 at the time. When it all blew over it was nice to see that we had multiple other family members who weren't manipulative and cruel who said they would have fought so hard to make sure my brother and I would have a great home to live in, insisting we live with them, but thankfully it didn't come to that.
  8. alfonso87

    alfonso87 Member

    Of course I would. Though it might not be easy, I can't think of many other things worth sacrificing for than family. Family is one of the most important things in this world and it is so common now-a-days that families are torn apart because of drugs and/or other circumstances. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if my kids were taken away because I couldn't stop smoking pot for a couple of months. Its great that your father was able to get clean for that, there are a lot of lesser men out there who might not have the strength to do the same.
  9. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    It is no even a question for me. Not specifically Marijuana because I have not done that since I was younger, but anything. I have an extreme coffee addiction and I would never touch a cup again to save my family. I just quit smoking and I would have quit in an instant. My family is the most important thing to me. I wonder if it is different with people who have serious addictions to serious drugs like heroine or crack?
  10. DTracy3

    DTracy3 Active Contributor

    I admit that I'm a typical stonehead. I like smoking weed, however, I also know that it's a drug. If you're addicted to a drug it can mess up your life, so it's important that the drug doesn't get a priority. No matter how much I like weed, I stop immediately if I know I have to. For example, in the past I tried to get a job at the army and they make drug tests before recruiting, so I stopped smoking to make sure I'll pass the test. If I wouldn't have stopped there wouldn't have been any good reason to even try. There are simply situation where you just shouldn't make a huge mistake simply because you can't stand to get high for 2 month.
  11. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    Good on your father for doing what was necessary to keep you guys. It's nice to hear a story like that rather than the countless stories of people who ditched their families for drugs! I would quit anything for my family in a second but it's easy for me to make that statement because I am not highly addicted to anything. I'm sure if I were it would be really tough.
  12. Parassd

    Parassd Active Contributor

    Your father is a good man. Great to hear a success story like that, even though there are few sad aspects about it. I myself am from a family where alcohol is sometimes abused and I suffer because of it, so I'm quite happy to see that at least some fathers chose their family instead of keep on abusing a substance. God bless
  13. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    Thank you. I mean he has gone back to smoking on an occasional basis once in a while in social settings now that my brother and I are over 18 and he can't lose custody of either of us, but I am definitely incredibly proud of him for quitting for that time being in order to make sure that we would stay in a safe home. Plus my dad never let me even know that he smoked, never let me see him smoking ever as I was growing up, and never let it affect the way that he raised us.
  14. Parassd

    Parassd Active Contributor

    Wow haha. That's incredible! You should feel somewhat blessed y'know. My father never refrained from coming home drunk to his wife and two little kids. Sometimes he couldn't even walk, he used to be so out of his mind. And he smoked in front of us since we were little kids. In fact, he smoked in the same room I used to study in, so I have been a victim of lot of passive smoking.
  15. Parassd

    Parassd Active Contributor

    My broither picked up smoking from him. Hell, he even (accidentally though) touched my skin with the lit part of this cigarette when I was 7 and many times after that. He never earned enough to run the home, my mother had to start teaching in a college to meet our daily expenses. My dad couldn't even pay for my school fees sometimes. My grandmom had to pay it from her insurance money.
    The reason I'm saying all of this is that I want you to know how lucky you are to have a dad who loves you immensely.
  16. Oyes

    Oyes Member

    It is not only Family that I would Quit smoking for - if say I were an addicted smoker - but everything! Those substances are just not good for the body. Well! My father Quit smoking to serve the Lord JESUS, and also gambling, altogether. He usually smoked pot over the other types of substances that are there and it made him felt great. However, he thought to himself that, if he is going to have a family and follow the Lord, then He must give up these things and he did. So, because we did not come and see our dad smoking: we as children have not adapted to the addictive habit. Therefore, if my dad can give it up for his Lord Jesus, I don't see why I would not be able to do the same for my family. :)
  17. Dola91

    Dola91 Member

    I would absolutely stop smoking in order to save my family. Human beings are much more important than a toting a bong. Being unable to provide for your family is pure insanity.