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Writing down your thoughts

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by amethyst, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    When I went through some rather heavy states of mind, in other words, when I was struck down by depression for almost a year, the only thing that helped me was to write about my feelings. At times, words literally "exploded" onto the pages of my diary, where I felt like I wasn't really the creator of those words, but the addiction in me was talking, or rather "screaming". Often I would write page after page without really understanding what I was writing. I would just let everything within me flow out without judging it. Later, when I used to reread my sentences, I was often astounded how much it all made sense on a deeper level.
    Do you use writing as a tool of getting in touch with certain areas in your life that you find difficult to access consciously?
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  2. Serena

    Serena Active Contributor

    Certainly. I think that writing can be used as a sort of therapy. It helps you to sort out things that you cannot say out loud or you are afraid to say out loud. Writing can help to relieve some of the pain you are feeling and it can help you on your path to healing and recovery.
  3. KC Sunshine

    KC Sunshine Member

    Writing can be like talking and in that sense can become like therapy. You can let the words unfold and see what's behind them. But it takes a little more discipline and training, I think, to know what it all means. If we could psychoanalyze ourselves, we wouldn't need psychiatrists. So maybe go ahead and journal and write in order to learn more about what you're thinking, but don't stop there. Talk to someone else you trust about what you think you see. It's important not to get lost in our own constructions. That's what I think. That said, I love to write in order to get my thoughts and ideas and hopes and dreams into a tangible form. I also write professionally. So sometimes writing is a chore.
  4. megankl

    megankl Active Contributor

    Writing has always been the best escape for me. I have books and books filled with my writings, thoughts, and feelings. I love to go back over it on bad days and find the good posts and relive those memories. Sometimes it can reverse on me and make my day worse but usually it is very encouraging to me.
  5. kevinkimers

    kevinkimers Community Champion

    For some, writing is very difficult for one reason or another. I have a friend who carries around a little digital recorder that she records her thoughts and feelings on then uploads them to her computer, it even (at a push of a button) transcribes the digital recording and all she has to do is edit it. It's pretty cool.
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  6. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

  7. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I think writing down yr thoughts is good practice not only for recovering addicts but for everyone in general. These days there's just way too much noise as big companies and media continually try to battle it out for people's attention and thoughts that we all end up paying the price for it. Writing your thoughts down is a good way to keep your thoughts in order as well as for letting out some steam so you don't end up feeling mentally cluttered all the time.
  8. Twinsmommy31

    Twinsmommy31 Active Contributor

    This is a great idea. Writing down things in a journal can be very therapeutic. You can also see where you've been and where you are trying to get to. This has always been a great method to release feelings that have been held up inside.
  9. DancingLady

    DancingLady Community Champion

    Writing is a great way to vent your feelings without burdening someone else with them. While it is very important to have someone you can talk to and share what's going on in your life with, writing is also a good outlet. It is also a really great way to talk to yourself about what you know you need to do or need to change. I find that writing a little "letter to myself" is a great way to boost my motivation.
  10. calebmelvern

    calebmelvern Member

    I've been doing this for quite a few years now. Though not every day, this has always helped me whenever I feel down. What I do is just a grab a pen and paper, scribble down everything inside my head, and take a minute or two to reflect on the things I have written. I feel like this is similar to venting out, crying, or throwing plates against the wall. Lol.
  11. sadiemarie

    sadiemarie Member

    I think that writing really can be therapeutic. Writing helps me out a great deal. Just writing for 20 minutes per day can help improve your mood. I sometimes write in a journal but I often times will write on my blog.
  12. shandrum

    shandrum Member

    Yes, writing is a great way to help ease you thoughts and things that are bothering you. I also email myself when I am upset with someone. I will read it to myself with expression- sometimes, I can go as long as a hour writing to myself. It really does help. I may not be ready to approach an issue or maybe, it wasn't an issue at all, and for some reason, it was just bothering me on a personal level. I know we are all unique individuals and what may bother one person, may not bother another. So, it is good to have a way to expression yourself. Sometimes, that is all you need to release something that is on your mind.
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  13. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    writing is a good tool to express what you feel and to get a load off your chest. It is absolutely a way to vent out your frustrations, fears, and depression in great times of need and sorrow.
  14. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Writing can be a good outlet for pent up emotions that drive someone to use drugs to cope. In fact if you get engrossed in what you are doing, it can take your mind of whatever problems you are facing albeit for a short time. I've done some writing in the past when I was feeling down and though most of it was fiction, placing characters in situations similar to the one I was in helped me realize that if the characters could face and overcome the challenges in their lives, if I tried harder, I could too.

    So yeah, writing definitely is therapeutic.
  15. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I think this is an excellent idea. I have been talking about it for quite some time now. I guess I might have allowed my computer to interfere with my diary getting off the ground. I am also trying to get my son to get started writing his thoughts down as well.
  16. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    I think writing down your thoughts can be very helpful, depending on the person. It might not be right for everyone, but it worked for me. I was more into writing letters (that I would never send) than keeping a journal. I'd destroy the letters. That stuff was just too private for me to keep around. I wouldn't want anyone else reading my most private thoughts.
  17. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    I wrote constantly during a divorce and found it to be very therapeutic. Some of it I kept, some I destroyed with a nice fire and some marshmallows many years later. I decided that there were some things about my ex that my kids did not need to know. They knew most of the stories as they grew into adults but others I felt were her issues that I had no right to disclose. I made none of those writings, memoir style, public. I'll probably destroy all of them eventually. I did keep many other writings as the act of writing anything spurned more writing on other topics.
  18. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    I know several people who write down their thoughts. It helps them "say" things they can't actually say. Writing down your thoughts is also known to help relieve stress.

    In fact, most poetry we read are actually people just sharing their thoughts with us.
  19. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    That's a really good point, Brady. I guess that's why I used to be so into poetry, lol. I never really thought about it like that, but you are right. Poetry really is just people sharing thoughts and feelings for the most part. Some poems I kept private but most of what I wrote I shared. I guess it was simpler in that format as it was indirect. Writing poetry was always very soothing for me.
  20. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    Writing in General can be very relaxing. I personally like to write short stories just to get my ideas out. I think of famous poets like Edgar Allen Poe whose poems were mostly relating to his life and thoughts.