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Writing Therapy

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by EditorsRHumansToo!, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. EditorsRHumansToo!

    EditorsRHumansToo! Community Champion

    A really nice 30 minutes to 1 hour of respite everyday to allow room for writing is therapeutic. Writing is some form of stress-releasing endurance exercise. By writing, you can better acquaint your mind with your talents and skills inspiring people with your writing.

    Journaling and writing is inexpensive and safe, too. At least some important things written each day are more likely to bring some golden nuggets panned out of the dirt of life. Or some pearls from shed tears while you write those thoughts you want changed and corrected in life in the path of freedom from drugs and alcohol.

    Persistent writing routine is helpful. On each blank page, it helps to think things through to write about and see in a big picture, with no stopping to edit. Write what are meaningful and truth to you
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  2. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    I write all day long, as part of the work I do. I enjoy writing, however, I I don't really want to spend my free time doing it. I think journaling is a good suggestion though for those who wish to gather some self knowledge. It is a way to self express too. Many people journal and many people should. I am convinced of that.
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  3. MyDigitalpoint

    MyDigitalpoint Community Champion

    Yes! Writing is a great therapy and a useful aid when you have also a side-journal to jot down your emotions and sensation while on recovery process, being a kind of self-feedback to detect issues arising from the process itself, or discover achievements that many times are not seen at first glance.
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  4. CallipygianGamine

    CallipygianGamine Community Champion

    I’ve been trying to dedicate time every morning to fill 3 or so pages of my journal. This doesn’t always happen, but I feel like if I got something down that day, it’s better than nothing. And I’ve noticed that while I might sometimes still freak out more than I’d like, or revert to bad habits, I’m slowly becoming more mindful of not only what I do, but why I do what I do. To balance that out, I always try to write down the good things as well. Journaling is an incredibly useful tool.
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  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Literature has always been my therapy. I love writing and reading so much. They help me stay sane and focused in this mad world. Whenever I feel sad, happy, depressed, and overwhelmed, I often find time to write all my feelings down on a piece of paper. It is a good stress-reliever as well. :)
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  6. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    When I had to battle depression years back the outlet for the rage bottled up inside was writing. I'd write a lot of flash fiction and kill the villains in the most horrible ways. It did help me de-stress because defeating the villains gave me hope that I too, could overcome what I was facing. Recovering addicts can use this to their advantage too.
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  7. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    For me it is through writing that I can express everyday my happiness and loneliness in life. All my experiences in life whether it comes from myself or from the people that surrounds me I expressed it in my writings. When you are into writing it will always give you the inspiration to live and enjoy your life. That is why I really love to write! :)
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  8. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    I think writing is well known as a stress relief, especially if your able to write about how your feeling inside. It helps to get things out in the open, and if you can't speak about what's going on, at least by writing it down you get a sense of relief.
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  9. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    I really enjoy writing especially poetry. I find I can get lost in the words. I can express myself easier in writing then I can if I am talking to somebody. For me writing is a way of letting everything go. Writing things down releases the anxiety that I feel in side. I realize that it is not for everybody but I know it helps me a great deal.
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  10. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    I started writing a blog when my son first became addicted to drugs. Not only was the writing therapeutic for me, I found that it also helped others who were going through a similar situation. It helped them feel like they weren't alone. My blog is now almost seven years old. Writing is great therapy.
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  11. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I journal regularly...some days are so busy that I'm ready to go to bed before journaling, but I need to find time to make it more of a priority. It is definitely very therapeutic, and something about getting my thoughts out on paper is helpful in understanding where my feelings and emotions are at!
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  12. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    It's a great way to express yourself. Writing has been good therapy for a lot of people for a long time. I also find writing good therapy even if it's poems or song. I used to write songs a lot maybe I'll get back to that. Thanks for the advice.
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  13. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    You know what, if my family wasn't so nosy, I would also have had a journal with me for therapy and nostalgia's sake. I was looking through my old school notes and personal letters from high school and it feels good to look back and suddenly remember things that you have already forgetten many years ago. I can only imagine that recovering addicts will feel a sense of triumph and empowerment when they read their struggles and hardships that they went through and it was followed by their successful recovery stories.
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  14. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    Writing is awesome because you can write whatever you want and it is very therapeutic. You can make up stories, write about your day, etc. I like to talk about real life but add exaggeration on it so it becomes like a story! Then if you keep it you have something interesting to look back on.
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  15. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yes writing is great therapy. I started journaling many years ago and it has been a hobby. You can use it to escape or to just kill some time. Work through some issues or just vent. It is very therapeutic.
  16. Skyler

    Skyler Member

    I’ve been writing pretty much all my life. And I do I find it therapeutic.

    Usually I write for fun. I keep journals and I make lots of lists. Sometimes when I'm struggling with something I just write really fast, without any edits just to get thoughts on paper. The idea is to express your thoughts, fears or whatever is going on onto the paper and then to rip it up and throw it away. If I’m doing this sort of writing I always do it on paper not on the computer. There seems to be something to the act of ripping up the page or even burning it that is satisfying for me.

    I also always have a notepad or something in my purse so that wherever I am, I can always jot down my thoughts or ideas. I like to look back on my journals and re-visit times from my past. Some of them are pretty good reads.
  17. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    I can't agree more with using writing as a form of therapy. You can get so creative with your thoughts because you can write so many things in so many ways.
  18. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    The funny thing about writing is that you can really say what you want without the risk of offending others. Writing allows you the opportunity to say what is really of your mind and release it from your brain. If you are afraid of people reading what you write, you can always write it and then throw it away. The therapy of writing the piece still works the same.
  19. Lizzy19ph

    Lizzy19ph Member

    I do believe that writing itself is therapeutic since I am a writer myself and this has been a way for me to express my true feelings and share them. Even just maintaining a diary serves as an outlet to pour out our innermost thoughts sometimes we just want to hide within ourselves.When dealing with stress or anger, some resort to writing, composing poetry or lyrics to a song which enables them to express their suppressed emotions without being vocally and physically violent.
  20. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Agree that writing can be relaxing especially those who really enjoy writing like poems and stories. Sharing your thoughts and ideas could also make one feel happy and motivated. Also so true that it is inexpensive but effective.