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Your pet could help

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by fliktor7, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. fliktor7

    fliktor7 Member

    The animal company has shown the world that could be very useful in cases as elderly people which is feeling alone, patients with serious physical and mental probelms etc. Specially when we talk about dogs, they are called "the best friend of the man" in my country.
    So then, I believe that when we are talking about stay clean and sober, your pet could help keeping you busy, and feeling loved, that's for certain a good support for the bad moments. My dog is like a child for me, and he has helped me a lot when I feel bad.
    What do you think? Any personal experiences?
  2. petesede

    petesede Active Contributor

    Anything that provides you with a feeling of being needed or wanted can help a lot of addicts. I know a lot of people clean themselves up as soon as they have a child because they know someone is now counting on them. I think pets can bring happiness, which helps, but I think the bigger benefit is just the feeling of being needed to care for the pet.
  3. Tournique

    Tournique Senior Contributor

    A pet can be your best friend. The always joyful dog, the loving (if possible) cat. They can all help you get past certain feelings and act an emotional pillow when in grief. Take care of your pets and love them and they will help you more than anyone!
  4. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    I read the story of an alcoholic who when drunk, [saw] his pet dog fall into a river he was crossing. He dived right in to save the dog and both of them almost died but they were rescued. When he'd sobered up and witnesses told him what had happened, he decided to stop drinking because it had endangered the life of his pet.

    As Petersede says, the feeling of responsibility for one's pet could be a good motivation for someone to stop using drugs.
  5. muthoni

    muthoni Active Contributor

    Most people abuse drugs when they feel stressed in life. A pet is believed to help relief stress from its owner. In that context, it will help someone cut down or stop abusing drugs. One will also be concerned about the effects of taking drugs when they have a pet in residence. A pet is a beautiful thing that will improve the quality of life of its owner.
  6. angelicagapit

    angelicagapit Active Contributor

    I definitely agree with this. Your pet can actually make you feel better without you realizing it right away.

    There was a time when I was feeling so down, I was so uncomfortable with my certain situation and I had no idea what to do. I actually just wanted to cry. But my dog came up to me, it felt like he could sense how I felt. He just put himself under my arm and just chilled there. I began petting him and he began trying to look cute as usual.

    It brightened up my day. We should hang out with our pets more often. All they want is to make us happy.
  7. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    I agree that a pet can be a good help, I mean, after all it's something that we can love and that can love us back, especially if it's a dog and love is something we all need.
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  8. sklauda1

    sklauda1 Member

    Being bipolar, I have several therapy pets and they have saved my life more times than I can count. They make me feel like I am worth something because I rescued them (some of them straight from dumpsters and terrible owners). The only problem is that they leave us so soon. People are afraid to get attached to them because of that.

    Pets help us get into a routine, build responsibility, and provide us with a great outlet for exercise and cuddles.
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  9. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Now that is a great testimony sklauda! Pets can indeed make us feel responsible for them and they thank us for it so they improve our self-esteem. Great that they helped you. ;)
  10. Lucas

    Lucas Member

    Pets are awesome. My dog is my friend, even if a little westie. Every time I'm sad or just not in the mood, he comes to my room and trying to have fun with me, or he is just laying next to my chair. He knows me and understands me - not like most of the people who I meet.
  11. juno

    juno Community Champion

    I agree that a pet could be just like a person when it comes to someone keeping your mind off drugs. Taking your pet out for walks and activity will also help you become energetic. You basically will put your focus to taking care of someone else and that will help you find a purpose.
  12. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    A pet can be ideal for a number of reasons. One, something we can hold on to, giving us the sense of responsibility, but at the same time not too much of it, we don't want to be stressed out as well.
  13. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I agree. I don't have a pet as of the moment, but I have had one in the past and I've also read of many stories online of people finding enough joy in their pets to help them get through hard times. They really can be very therapeutic and the best thing about them is they are able to sense when their owner is sad so they will often get close and offer some comfort. It's why they work so well for group treatment facilities.
  14. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    I think that you might be talking about dogs right Charli? I feel that cats being felines really don't care too much about their owners, they are selfish animals, so I wouldn't recommend one.
  15. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams Active Contributor

    Anything if better than loneliness so I suppose getting a pet would help. A friendly type of animal like a dog would probably be recommended though, rather than something like a cat which is likely to only be around when it feels like it and which aren't very affectionate anyway.
  16. calicer1996

    calicer1996 Community Champion

    Dog's are man's best friend! They love you, the play with you, they get sad when you get sad, what else do you need? Whenever I am angry or sad, one look at my dog and I am upbeat again! Always cheerful and living life to the full!
  17. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    That is so true. Pets are heaven-sent. No matter what they do, we can always forgive them and overlook their mistakes. They're so innocent and oblivious to the things that are bothering us humans that sometimes we feel like adopting their unperturbed attitude to everyday life. When I have a bad day or feel depressed for no definite reason, I cuddle my cats or pet my dogs' heads. The simple gestures bring me back to earth from the pits of misery.
  18. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    That is true xTinx, sometimes a pet can be a life saver. For me the most important is that we love them, to be stressed out with them we are better alone.
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  19. elles-belles

    elles-belles Community Champion

    This sounds like an interesting approach to tackling being clean and sober and I'm sure that it works wonders especially from what the other posters have put forward in terms of personal experience. I haven't personally giving it much thought until now though but will be sure to keep it as an option. Thanks!
  20. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    No problem elles, that's the beauty of this community, we get to share ideas and learn with each others. If I was addicted right now, I would consider a pet for sure after detox.